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reeder (reviews) | 87 comments Terms of Possession by Elizabeth Power matches that criteria.

Lynne Graham has at least two books involving surrogacy for men who don't want to be shackled by marriage vows: Contract Baby and Ruthless Magnate, Convenient Wife (although in the latter, she doesn't know she's been hired as a surrogate).

In the back of my mind, there's one more HP where the wife hired the surrogate without her husband's knowledge, then she either reneges on the deal when they divorce or she dies. But I can't remember the author or title.

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Amber (Daisymau) (daisymau) | 59 comments Here's some that I had a theme list on romantictimes.

What Happens in Charleston...by Rachel Bailey

Bought by a Millionaireby Heidi Betts

Ever Since Eve by Pamela Browning
Eve Tripolous is the surrogate for Derek and Kelly Lang, but Kelly dies in a car accident.

Morgan's Childby Pamela Browning
Kate Sinclair is the surrogate for the ex-wife of Morgan Rhett. She apparently was given the sperm Morgan donated while they were still married. She finally wants to have a baby and has Kate carry the baby for her. The ex-wife then decides that she doesn’t want the baby and Kate goes to Morgan with the news about the pregnancy.

The Baby Contract by Suzanne Carey

The Nine-Month Bride by Judy Christenberry

The Baby Bond by Lilian Darcy

An Abundance of Babies by Marie Ferrarella

Whose Child? by Susan Gable

The Baby Plan by Susan Gable

Contract Baby by Lynne Graham

The Pregnancy Plan by Grace Green

A Family Affair by Sandra James

Make Way for Mommy by Muriel Jensen
Jo Arceneau is the surrogate for her sister and BIL Ryan Jefferies.

The Other Mother by Pamela Jerrold

Her Sister's Baby by Janice Kay Johnson

The Miracle Baby by Janice Kay Johnson

Love Child by Janice Kaiser
Chase Hamilton wants a child, but doesn’t want a wife. Jessica Brandon’s young son was crippled in the accident that killed her husband. The son needs an operation and Jessica decides to become a surrogate for Chase so that she can get the money.

Deceiving Daddy by Susan Kearney

Surrogate and Wife by Emily McKay

A Cowboy's Gift by Anne McAllister

The Bride, The Bachelor And The Baby by Jenna McKnight

Bittersweet Sacrificeby Bay Matthews

Cheyenne's Lady by Mindy Neff

Baby Business by Brenda Novak

Mary's Childby Terese Ramin

Ready, Set...Baby! by Christie Ridgway

His Baby, Her Heart by Sue Swift

Baby Love by Binnie Syril
Elizabeth Chapman is the surrogate for her friend’s Rick and Kathy Logan. Rick and Kathy die in a car accident. Rick’s brother Travis doesn’t know anything about the surrogate arrangement. He then wants custody of his nephew.

Meant To Be by Cathy Gillen Thacker

Her Best Friend's Baby by Vicki Lewis Thompson

Another Woman's Baby by Joanna Wayne

Substitute Daddy by Kate Welsh

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