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Rosehaven (Medieval Song, #5)
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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Historical Romance, Highlands; Attempted Murder of h by former lover of H via poisoning; lover manipulates young ward (feat. hounds and ermine as pets). [s]

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SavageGrace Read this around 3-5 years ago; 2017-2015. H's former lover, now a widow, shows up at castle. It's pretty clear she is up to no good by H thinks h is just jealous. H has 2 large dogs (like Deerhounds) and also has a pet (ermine?). They are taking care of a young female ward who has a bond with h. Slowly the OW manipulates the ward into hating h. One night at dinner the h goes to drink and the ermine(?) knocks over the cup, swallowing some of the poison. OW and ward accuse h of intentionally doing it herself. H forces h to be tied to the hounds for a few weeks so they are with her 24/7. OW taunts h at one point and she retaliates - I THINK OW possibly stabs h or attempts to but that is one detail I'm not 100% sure about. LOL H finally kicks OW out and the ward chooses to go with her.

Anyone? It's driving me crazy. LOL

SavageGrace JennyG wrote: "Rosehaven (Medieval Song, #5) by Catherine Coulter Rosehaven by Catherine Coulter"

Thank you!!

JennyG | 550 comments You are welcome. :) Happy Reading!

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