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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. Fantasy: young woman ventures out on quest with some dresses made of a very unique fabric, they can be folded up incredibly small and never wrinkles. [s]

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Christina | 5 comments I have googled and searched forever, and I can not for the life of me remember the author or title of the book, just that the main character has these amazing dresses made of a very unique fabric that she takes with her when she ventures out on a quest, one gold and one silver and I believe one brass. The dresses can fold up to the size of a small coin and when unfolded have no wrinkles at all, and behaves like liquid. I read this book sometime during middle school and high school, 2005-2011. Please help me remember this book!

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Kris | 35366 comments Mod
Christina, how old is the heroine? Is this book for kids, teens or adults?

Can you describe the fantasy world?

McKinley | 18 comments This sounds so familiar! Was it based on a folk tale? Some versions of Cinderella and Allerleirauh involve three dresses, though usually the third is diamond or stars, not brass.

Also, does she keep the dresses in anything? I feel like I remember a version of Cinderella where the dresses were inside an acorn!

Christina | 5 comments Her exact age I can't remember, but she is about in the lower teen range, this book was for teens, at the time of her quest she was leaving some building where she was living and entered the forest and then some ruins. I do not remember if it was based on any folktale, but she kept the dresses in a pocket she had sewn into her outfit.

Christina | 5 comments And as time went on she had to trade the dresses for something else if I am remembering correctly.

Emilie (emilierose) | 141 comments East has a character with folding dresses that she trades

Christina | 5 comments YES! Thats it! Thank you Emilie! XD

Emilie (emilierose) | 141 comments Glad to hear it! its a great book. Ive read it at least a dozen times. It also has a sequel, West

Christina | 5 comments Emilie wrote: "Glad to hear it! its a great book. Ive read it at least a dozen times. It also has a sequel, West"

Yes, me and a friend of mine were discussing fantasy wardrobe functions and I mentioned the dress's fabric and how small they could fold and not be wrinkled, traveling would be so easy.

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