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Books > Please recommend me spy-themed books [NO ROMANCE] about male character pretends to love female character to get information from her

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Meme | 2 comments The female character could be a daughter of an important man. I want the male haracter to collect information from her about her dad or her part in whatever her dad's involved in.

I want the male character to dislike / not feel anything for the female character throughout the book despite her being nice and loving.

I would like the male character to meet the female character under a false identity and draw her in by telling her fake intimate details about himself.

I want the male character to do this independently rather than for an organisation.

I also want him to feel no guilt for manipulating her.

I want this fake relationship to be long-term but not too long to the point that things are taken too far e.g. they have kids.

Above all, I want the book to be well-written and not have basic dialogue. I want to be immersed in the false relationship, read

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Meme | 2 comments Forgot to mention that I want the book to be an action-thriller.

Sorry this is all so specific lol.

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