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Arlington Public Library (arlingtontxpubliclibrary) | 46 comments Mod
Read a Science Fiction Book and leave a review. Let us know if you would recommend it or not and why.

message 2: by Jake (new)

Jake | 1 comments Leviathan Wakes
I first read this book because it was adapted as a television show for the SyFy channel. It was a fun read, an interesting look at what life might be like if Earth colonized Mars and beyond. At the heart is a mystery entangling a missing woman and a ship blown up in space. As one group races to discover what happened to their ship, another person tracks the missing woman, and soon their individual searches lead to crossed paths. I recommend Leviathan Wakes because its a fun read overall, and it begins a series that I'm looking forward to reading through too.

message 3: by Sharon (last edited Jul 22, 2020 11:25PM) (new)

Sharon Dressel | 1 comments I just finished reading The Lightning Stones by Jack Du Brul. It only took me three years (not that long a story but a really short attention span!). The story revolves around a connection between Amelia Earhart's final flight and the discovery of incredible crystals that attract lightning. Throw in a murderous gang and a megalomaniac (emphasis on maniac) who wants to take climate change to the next level x 10, and you have a story that will make you wonder...what REALLY happened in the Bermuda Triangle all those years ago?

message 4: by Terrie (new)

Terrie (mcmath) | 10 comments I read "Robopocalypse" by Daniel H. Wilson because it was recommended by Libby. It was my favorite type of science fiction, where the world isn't over-explained, but you're given enough clues to imagine a whole world. Robots of the world revolt - this includes computer-operated elevators and cars - you can imagine the chaos. The story switches between groups of people and how they respond. I recommend this book.

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