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SLAY > Exciting news! The author of SLAY just revealed her second book! It's called The Cost of Knowing, and comes out on March 16. It's being called Dear Martin meets They Both Die at the End!

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message 2: by Ana (new)

Ana K P (indeliblefaith) | 57 comments ooh I'm gonna reserve judgement on how excited am I about this till after I read SLAY, but sounds cool!!

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sukhroopreads (sukhroopandbooks) | 101 comments Mod
@Ana lol you definitely don't want to set your expectations high for a book by an author whose other book you didn't like!

@Troy OMG! I tried to read they both die at the end but just wasn't in the mood for that type of story, but really want to give it another try! But the book looks SO COOL! Like, I need it in my hands RIGHT NOW!

message 5: by Ana (new)

Ana K P (indeliblefaith) | 57 comments same! I mean, knowing how it ends is always kind of - how do I say it? - I'm not sure how much I wanna invest in the characters only to feel sad when they die, but it's so highly praised! I'm gonna keep an eye out for your comments after you finish reading @Troy!

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sukhroopreads (sukhroopandbooks) | 101 comments Mod
@Ana Yeah, that's actually why I put it down, because I wasn't too invested in the characters because I knew their fates, but I think it'd be really interesting to just see what the characters do on their last days, and I remember loving Silvera's writing style!

@Ana Such a mood!

message 7: by Ana (new)

Ana K P (indeliblefaith) | 57 comments @sukhroop yes exactly! concept is really interesting - what would you do if you had one day left? - and I would like to give it a try, but teensy bit apprehensive lol

message 8: by Troy_Reads (new)

Troy_Reads It’s honestly super cool because the author is weaving in so many different perspectives of this one day and I’ve always wanted to read more books that have like the “one day/one chance” feel! I will keep you updated for sure @Ana!

message 9: by Ana (new)

Ana K P (indeliblefaith) | 57 comments @Troy you're making me want to read it now omg - this is the sad (???) thing about being in a book club: I end up wanting to read **everything** I hear about but I dont have the books to do so lmao

(my tbr is way too long already lol)#noregrets

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Ana K P (indeliblefaith) | 57 comments me: wanting to articulate
my brain: does not compute, pls translate in another language
my brain: your level is not high enough

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sukhroopreads (sukhroopandbooks) | 101 comments Mod
@Ana Yeah, and it could be a really good way to start YOLOing, but I just, like you said, really don't know! Lol, the sad thing about being on Booktube is that you find out all these different books and you want to read all of them lol! And lol that brain thing is such a mood.

@Troy Yes Troy give us those updates!

message 12: by Ilsen (new)

Ilsen Leon | 8 comments Omg They Both Die At The End is one of my favorite books of all time! It made me bawl like a baby! I promise you it’s so good!

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