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Title: Collision Point
Author: Charlotte Van Rooyen
Genre: New Adult Romance
Heat level ~ Moderate
Formats, Epub, Pdf & Mobi Mobi copy is sent straight to kindle so please leave your Kindle address and add to your approved list
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Two destinies, two opposites. Will the choices Dana make be worth the earth-shattering consequences? She moved to a place of solitude and nature to get away from her painful past and mistakes, until a collision with a wolf and the stranger that saved her life that night, changes her life forever.
Torn between two loves, safety and comfort versus a mysterious, unforbidden force of nature.

Dana a 22-year-old moves to Canada after her father tries to have her mother murdered.
One night while intoxicated, she crashes into a wolf and meets Khaan, a 25-year-old who saves her life.
Khaan's foreign appearance and intriguing nature lead her down a path of new discoveries, causing her to fall in love with Khaan and what he represents.
Dana also falls in love with Justin, a 23-year-old, their conventional relationship is easy going and socially accepted.
Khaan disappears after their secret love affair comes to light, in order to keep Dana alive and safe, and hurts her soul in order to save it.
Dana tries to move on with Justin whom she also loves, but discovers that her soul is bound spiritually and physically with Khaan forever. Khaan runs away also trying to disconnect his soul from Dana, but his spiritual wolf keeps him connected and their destiny keeps on colliding. Justin reveals a secret that binds Dana and him forever, not only because of love or friendship. A fire brings everyone together but destroys everything that helped Dana heal from her past. Dana moves to Vancouver to start over but an unexpected encounter changes her mental health and reopens her hope for something that she thought she lost, making her wonder if she truly is losing her mind, or is this her destiny.

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I have just sent copies out to members whose names have been added to the list.

FYI! I have sent it to your kindles twice. One is in a Pdf, format and the other one is a convert Pdf. Both are readable, but you may like. the formatting of one better than the other.

Please remember that you have until 12th of August (3 weeks) in which to read and review this book, and post your review here. Any problems just let me know. Enjoy

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Randi | 67 comments Can you resend mine? It's not showing up as they have in the past. Thanks!

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Randi wrote: "Can you resend mine? It's not showing up as they have in the past. Thanks!"


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