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Want a BIPOC Reviewer?

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message 1: by Kay (new)

Kay (kb_615) | 1 comments Hi All! I’m a Black female book reviewer who loves literary fiction & genre fiction (mystery, horror, sci-fi, etc) by BIPOCs! I’m happy to trade a physical ARC for an honest review on my Medium publication, Barrett Book Reviews. No matter my opinion on your book, I will always publicize it on my Instagram & FB pages of the same name. You can also expect me to post an abbreviated review right here on Goodreads! I promise a quick turnaround. From the moment I receive your book, I will have a review published in two weeks or less!

I’m looking forward to hearing you from you!

Kay B

message 2: by Phyllis (new)

Phyllis Williams-Strawder (spressomischief) | 1 comments If you're ever in the mood to review a memoir, let me know.

message 3: by Shreya (new)

Shreya Vijay (shreyavijay) | 16 comments Hey! I would love to review a memoir! Could you drop me a mail at ? Have a great day! :)

message 4: by F.M. (new)

F.M. Kamel | 2 comments Hey Kay B,

I'm not sure if your message is still applicable, if you are no longer looking for books to review, please disregard my message.

I am a self-published author who just recently finished my first work it's called 'B For Beretta', a supernatural thriller mystery.

I woud love fo you to read it and give an honest review in exchange for reading your Medium publication reviews.

You can get a feel of the writing of my book on my instagram page where I've added text fragments:

If you would like to know more about my work before you decide if you want to read and review it you can also check out my author central page:

Also if interested can you please let me know if you prefer to review a kindle or paperback version?

Thanks in advance for your reply and have a great day ;-)

B For Beretta

message 5: by Henryan (new)

Henryan Arkson (goodreadscomhenryan_arkson) | 4 comments F.M. wrote: "Hey Kay B,

Hey Karen, just sent you a review copy. Hope you interested. Thank you. Henryan.

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