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UNSOLVED: One specific book > YA fiction: people can control one element like fire or ice. The main guy has more than one element and it’s considered very bad. A girl worries she can’t control an element

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message 1: by Madisson (new)

Madisson Tharp | 3 comments I’m pretty sure the people who can’t Control an element are out casts. The man guy can control fire and ice I believe. I read it about five years ago, 2014-16

message 2: by America (new)

America | 3 comments you think it might be gone by michael grant? the main character ( i believe his name is sam) can control fire. it’s a book where all the adults disappear suddenly and they’re trapped in their town by a dome.

message 3: by Madisson (new)

Madisson Tharp | 3 comments I read the description for that and no. Everybody could control an element and nobody disappears

message 4: by RabbitMilitia (new)

RabbitMilitia | 233 comments Asking to rule out- this doesn't have anything to do with Avatar: The Last Airbender does it?

message 5: by Karolina (new)

Karolina (vinterraven) | 3 comments Could it be the Unfinished Song series by Tara Mara?
It is set before our time where magic and faes exist. Young people go through training to find out which chroma (fire, water, earth etc) they can control. Our heroine is not able to control any and is basically an outcast.

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