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Helena Henriques  (bluebellgirl) Just start writing a story. Comments in parentheses.

Judy was dressed in a light pink swing dress, stylish, simple and modest. Her light brown hair done in a neat french braid bun complimented the light shades of her outfit. She has a small white purse that hung loosely down to her waist and matching leather ankle boots. She was walking home on a paved path in the forest, when suddenly...

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A giant beast jumped out from some trees.

message 3: by Ella (new)

Ella Ferris (eferris) | 105 comments It was extremely tall, and had short light brown hair. Judy screamed, but her scream was cut short and she started to laugh as she realized that this was no beast, but a Great Dane dog!

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Helena Henriques  (bluebellgirl) Her laughter stopped and her smile turned to a gape when she heard the Great Dane suddenly speak! The Great Dane said, "Please come with me, help us!" Judy looked down at her attire as she pondered the question. It was not at all the right gear for walking on the forest floor, but she didn't want to miss an adventure. She nodded at the huge dog and followed him. "What excuse do I have to miss this adventure?" She said with a smile as she walked through the brambles.

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Jesse | 232 comments It was very hard for Judy to follow the dog. Not because of his athletic speed--although that definitely did it's part--it was because she was running through thickets of bushes and grass, that seemed almost entirely possible to follow the Great Dane without getting lost.
"Slow down," cries Judy.
The Great Dane slows down and jogs lightly over to Judy with his tongue dangling from his mouth, and says, "What seems to be the problem, M'lady? We have to hurry before it's to late."
"Where are you taking me?" asks Judy.
"No time to explain now, M'lady, just follow me." The Great Dane says anxiously, and then stared bolting forward into the bushes
Judy had no choice, so she kept bolting after the Dog in the great, green thickets of nature, still wondering where on earth the Dane will take her, and also how it could talk...

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Helena Henriques  (bluebellgirl) Judy’s clothes very getting a little dirty with leaves and sticks bouncing up at her when she stepped on them. She was looking down and watching her feet when she nearly fell head over heels on the Great Dane. He had stopped. Judy looked up.

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Helena Henriques  (bluebellgirl) ((...))

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Helena Henriques  (bluebellgirl) He said, "pray do not be upset m'lady."

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Elisabeth (the_world_through_catholiceyes) Judy said crying, "What do you expect, dog? I have been forcibly carried of by a great big stupid ugly dog!"

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Helena Henriques  (bluebellgirl) "We need your help! And I did not force you," he wined, feeling sorry.

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Elisabeth (the_world_through_catholiceyes) Judy relented a little, and her curiosity overcame her pride.
"What do you need me for?". She asked in amazement

message 12: by Helena (new)

Helena Henriques  (bluebellgirl) "Someone has taken control of dog world. We don't know how or who, but we know we need a human to help us," said the Great Dane.

Judy shrugged and said, "how do I do that?"

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Elisabeth (the_world_through_catholiceyes) "We cannot go among the Human's and find out things like you can. You will be are eyes and ears in the human world!" explained The Great Dane.

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Helena Henriques  (bluebellgirl) She shook her head, "I don't get it."

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Elisabeth (the_world_through_catholiceyes) The great Dane sighs and explains again very slowly, "Dogs cannot go in among humans the same way a human can, but you can spy and sneak in among whoever is doing this and find us clues."

 Naomi Abiah -HELLO WORLD. WAKE UP- (naomiabiah) "Hmm," Judy replied, finally seeing what the great Dane was implying. "I think I see what you mean. I do have one problem though, dogs do go and find clues that humans cannot. Dogs are employed by many policemen and find things like drugs (and food) which humans can't find. If I try to smell around corners, I can't smell small crumbs of food."

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Elisabeth (the_world_through_catholiceyes) "you don't need to," said the Great Dane. "You can listen to what people say, fake things like accidents, just do things where a stray dog would be chased away. we have one clue which you must investigate, the name Oakley and the town Brampton. Good luck!"

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Helena Henriques  (bluebellgirl) With that, the Dane ran off, leaving Judy.

 Naomi Abiah -HELLO WORLD. WAKE UP- (naomiabiah) Judy thought and thought about the clue the Dane had given to her. "Oakley", she mused, " and Brampton, the town." She then decided to start a journey to Brampton and see if there was a man named Oakley.

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Elisabeth (the_world_through_catholiceyes) She ran out of the forest and took a bus to Brampton, where she looked in the telephone book for any Oakleys

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Helena Henriques  (bluebellgirl) She ran her fingers through the O's and eventually found an Oakley. Well, she found five Oakley's. Which one was the one she was looking for?

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Elisabeth (the_world_through_catholiceyes) "Well lets eliminate people who it would not be," she said

Mr.something (frosteye) (frosteye) | 15 comments i have been home schooled for like 4 years

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Elisabeth (the_world_through_catholiceyes) Kakashi (Frosteye) wrote: "i have been home schooled for like 4 years"

((Wrong topic))

message 25: by Helena (new)

Helena Henriques  (bluebellgirl) She found a Savannah Oakley first. "Hmmm...." She thought.

message 26: by Elisabeth (new)

Elisabeth (the_world_through_catholiceyes) "Maybe," she said. "She is married and has 5 kids, so I doubt it."

message 27: by Helena (new)

Helena Henriques  (bluebellgirl) The next one was Ellen Oakley.

message 28: by Elisabeth (new)

Elisabeth (the_world_through_catholiceyes) "single old lady, I personally doubt it." She mused.

message 29: by Helena (new)

Helena Henriques  (bluebellgirl) The next was Henry Oakley.

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Elisabeth (the_world_through_catholiceyes) "interesting " she said

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Helena Henriques  (bluebellgirl) "Let's see, Henry Oakley..." mumbled Judy.

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Elisabeth (the_world_through_catholiceyes) "That is a coincidence," she said.

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Helena Henriques  (bluebellgirl) She decided she might as well start off with the first Henry Oakley. So she followed his address.

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He lived in a quaint green house on minnow street. His door had a big welcome mat in front of it.

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Elisabeth (the_world_through_catholiceyes) "Um.. interesting," thought Judy.

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A siamese cat jumped up in one of the windows. It licks the glasspane.

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Elisabeth (the_world_through_catholiceyes) Judy shuddered, she wasn't an animal person and cats were worse than dogs.

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A small girl walks up beside the Great Dane and gives it a pet. Smiling she turns her purple eyes on Judy and waves.

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Helena Henriques  (bluebellgirl) ((Sorry!))

Judy wonders at this. "What are you doing here? And how did you change?" she asks the Great Dane. "And who are you?" she asks the girl.

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"I'm Henry's assistant Henri." the girl smiles.
The Great Dane smiles mischieviously.

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Helena Henriques  (bluebellgirl) "Whaaaaaa????" said Judy. "Look, I have no idea what I'm doing. Why am I even doing this?"

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The Great Dane smiles. "Because you want to accept your destiny Judy"

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Helena Henriques  (bluebellgirl) "Ok, bye," said Judy turning around, expecting them to call her with explanation.

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The little girl laughs and skips back inside the house. The Great Dane yawns.

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Helena Henriques  (bluebellgirl) Judy keeps walking.

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A tree waves at her as she passes by.

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Helena Henriques  (bluebellgirl) Judy screams and runs.

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The leaves laugh softly.

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Helena Henriques  (bluebellgirl) Judy falls in to a hole. She hears, "hello!"

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It's the girl that was at Henry's house. "Hello! Nice of you to fall down here!"

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