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UNSOLVED: One specific book > Romance book about a couple getting married then separated and reuniting years later. Spoiler.

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Sarahlee Olsen | 2 comments Hello, so I read a book about this marriage that was forced on this young boy and girl who are married at a really young age and they are separated: the girls name is Sara I think. He becomes sort of a outlaw where he just sails and stuff I think. She becomes a lady and stays in her aunt and uncles house of which her uncle is very abusive and she defends her aunt from the beatings then her husband comes along and rescues them both. I remember that the aunt ends up falling in love with one of the ship crew member. Please help!! I want this book! I don’t have a desktop computer so I can’t edit the other post. I read the book around 2015-2017.

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Did you delete your other post? I can't find it.

FYI it's always better to add a new comment to your original post, rather than starting a new one (which creates a duplicate).

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Sarahlee Olsen | 2 comments I think I did, I’m sorry again for the trouble.

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