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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. YA Adventure/Romance? Two teenagers found after living on an island where their parents raised them for several years. [s]

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Aaliyah | 2 comments hello!! this is my first post eee

i started a book a couple of years ago but never got to finish it :-(
i believe the book falls under the YA adventure/romance genre?
it must've been released sometime between 2014-2017.

here's a summary of what i remembered from when i read the book, there may be spoilers but i'm not sure:

a 'family' is living on an island isolated from society; no technology and nobody besides the family is living there. the parents pass away and the two teenagers, a boy and a girl, continue to survive on the island. one day, a boat is seen on the horizon and takes the teenagers back to america (maybe california or something i'm not sure). they turn out to be famous, as they went missing when they were younger and were taken by a cult leader who turned out to be the father. they're separated once they get back; i think the girl lives with her grandmother and has to learn english as hers isn't very good, and the boy works at a market or something.

i hope the description is useful!! i'd be v grateful for any replies :)

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Aaliyah | 2 comments Stephanie wrote: "Searching for Sky"

thank u so much <333

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