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message 1: by C. (Never msg. Just comment! Email if private.) (last edited Jul 18, 2020 03:55PM) (new)

C.  (Never msg.  Just comment!  Email if private.) (riedel) | 1050 comments Mod
I might have heard of Schitt's Creek before the great Eugene Levy visited Kelly Clarkson's talk show. However, that is where I learned it is a Canadian institution created by his son and joined by his daughter. Knowing the great Catherine O'Hara is in it as well made it a must see. It is compelling that my friend in New Zealand loves it and so does Elton John. Then again, he is married to Canadian producer, David.

After seeing several episodes, the earliest and most recent, I like it. Now I look for it on satellite dish every time it appears. Thank you Kerri, Kelly Clarkson, and Eugene Levy!

message 2: by Yvonne (new)

Yvonne (yvonne473) | 5 comments I love this show! I'm waiting for Netflix to get the last season.

message 3: by C. (Never msg. Just comment! Email if private.) (last edited Jul 18, 2020 06:02PM) (new)

C.  (Never msg.  Just comment!  Email if private.) (riedel) | 1050 comments Mod
Hi Yvonne, long time! How are you? Ah, how nice that we can add American friends to the list of those who love it. I am still on dial-up internet where I live rurally, so Netflix is not an option. I am a collector type who would rather have blu-rays, CDs, and physical books anyway. :) I'll bet TV will be more affordable after we can use Netflix.

message 4: by Yvonne (new)

Yvonne (yvonne473) | 5 comments All is well here! We "discovered" Schitts Creek on Netflix thanks to the virus and being locked down. I love it!

message 5: by C. (Never msg. Just comment! Email if private.) (last edited Jul 18, 2020 06:06PM) (new)

C.  (Never msg.  Just comment!  Email if private.) (riedel) | 1050 comments Mod
Yvonne, this is not my year, having nothing to do with the virus as even a top 5 issue. 5 years ago, you supported me so well over Love's young passing from heart failure. You might know his brother, Conan, has been missing for 3 years at the present. 6 months ago, my Mom went to Heaven! Mini-strokes that kept occurring. Friends, books, comedy shows, and gardening are giving me the positive atmosphere I need so much. My other cats at home too, of course.

I wanted to let you know this news as a friend. I certainly remain game to talk about pleasant and light things as well. We are always happy when our American neighbours and those further afar discover our literature, musicians, and actors. Hugs, Carolyn.

message 6: by Yvonne (new)

Yvonne (yvonne473) | 5 comments Oh, I'm so sorry to hear all this, Carolyn. My hugs and sympathy to you.

I've had a few changes in my life since last we talked. We retired from New York and moved to Florida. It's been weird since the virus started a couple of months after we got here and has gotten worse in recent weeks. We've mostly been in lockdown.

Our three cats came along to Florida, of course, but in April my beautiful Trudy got sick and we lost her. They did bloodwork and x-rays and discovered cancer, kidney failure and other things wrong. I was in shock because she didn't show any illness until one day when she just couldn't move anymore. My Kit and Cookie are doing well and have adapted well to the move.

I'm always trying to stay positive with my books and shows. I was thinking of creating a cat group but I'm not sure if I will go ahead with it. I already have my cat mystery group.

Take care.

message 7: by C. (Never msg. Just comment! Email if private.) (last edited Jul 19, 2020 06:32AM) (new)

C.  (Never msg.  Just comment!  Email if private.) (riedel) | 1050 comments Mod
Thank you for the hugs and sympathy about my Mom and support to Conan. We are certain he is alive through our spiritual faith and try to stay positive about waiting and trusting 3 years to get him back. His Mom, Marigold, has early age kidney failure at 10 but she is doing very well on medicine and renal maintenance food. Our McCartney is a vocal, expressive, fun age 20 last month and today is our Spirit's 16th birthday.

I am so very sorry about Trudy. I don't know how cancer is fought in animals and can't imagine the shock at finding that. You would have tackled kidney and other problems. Did she not drink excessive water or drop her appetite? My prayers to keep you through a hard time of healing and missing her terribly. Thank goodness she made it to Florida with you, so you have memories of her there.

I am glad Kit and Cookie adapted to your move, however bad the virus scare in Florida. Safety and peace to you and your husband there: that is why you chose it! Naturally a place like New York was bad too but you were familiar with the people and place.

You know what? My Mom would laugh, that we are discussing her in a topic called "Schitt's Creek". Her year was like that with medical ups & downs. They took forever to figure out they were mini-strokes and I don't know if they would have stopped striking, even on blood-thinners. It is the happiest, of golden places she is in now, for her to entertain everyone with her humour and good, strong, heart. She knows I have friends near and far to sustain me along a good life in my time. Sincerely, Carolyn.

message 8: by Yvonne (new)

Yvonne (yvonne473) | 5 comments I've heard many stories about cats returning after a long time. I will think positive thoughts for you. Glad to hear Marigold is doing well. Wow, 20? That's wonderful. Happy Birthday to Spirit.

No, there were no signs of anything wrong with Trudy. Just one day we found her lying by her water bowl. It was like she couldn't stand up to take a drink. She was totally limp. In fact when we got to the vet, he thought he might have to give her anesthesia to take the x-ray, but she was so limp it wasn't necessary. My first thought was that she ate something she shouldn't and had a stomach ache. But, they ran blood tests and x-rays and it was all bad news. The worst. She did love being in Florida though. She was even a trooper during the incredibly long drive from NY to FL.

The virus is scary and we mainly stay inside, except to get essentials. We moved to FL because both of our families live here. No one in our family lives in NY any longer, so it was an easy decision to make.

Take care of yourself and I'll have to check out the rest of the discussion group. You did a great job with this group. Thank you for letting me know about it.

C.  (Never msg.  Just comment!  Email if private.) (riedel) | 1050 comments Mod
McCartney became 20 last month. Today, Spirit is 16! We love both our boys, who moved with us to slow internet zone a decade ago. Marigold was a pregnant foster who never saw the shelter she was slated for, because we kept her and all of her babes. Yvonne, please send me all the "cat came home after 3 years" stories you know of, in books and in person! My e-mail is this: RiedelFascination(at)Gmail(dot)com.

It means a lot that you have been in my quiet group all these years. Yours are among the best in the businses. I like that it isn't too crazy to manage but certainly, do go to an effort to get a few folks talking and to provide outlets they enjoy

Thank you again especially for the condolences about my Mom. She too is praying for Conan's return to us and watching over him safely. Perhaps your Trudy is also an angel to guide him as well. I am here for you, in your recent loss. Missing them takes me a couple of years. Your friend, Carolyn.

message 10: by Yvonne (new)

Yvonne (yvonne473) | 5 comments I can't remember specific stories. I just know over the years I've heard that cats were missing for years and returned. If you Google "stories of cats missing after 3 years" a bunch of real stories come up.

Thank you for your kind words about Trudy. It sure does take a long time to miss them. The cat in my picture is Geiger. A handsome little guy who lived until 18 and I still miss him. I never took his pic off my profile.

Take care, Carolyn. I'm thinking about you.

message 11: by C. (Never msg. Just comment! Email if private.) (last edited Oct 05, 2020 09:57AM) (new)

C.  (Never msg.  Just comment!  Email if private.) (riedel) | 1050 comments Mod
Respects to Geiger, whenever it was. My Mom ascended 6 months ago. Soothing words about her matter. She will wish all of us her "Happy Birthday", like always. Thus, she is smiling at Spirit on his birthday today. She is in my photo with our Conan.

C.  (Never msg.  Just comment!  Email if private.) (riedel) | 1050 comments Mod
I must say a word of excitement and congratulations about the much-loved show, "Schitt's Creek"! It won all 9 Emmy awards last month, which no other comedy show has achieved! Justin Trudeau's congratulations to them were very funny. He threw shade on the last governments paltry budget for the arts on CBC Canada, joking that an extra .5c he is giving their mason jar, is a huge increase!

I had heard of it and seen its actors as guests on "The Kelly Clarkson Show". After Kerri spoke more about it to me, I kept watching shows that came up on the satellite dish and became a fan. I think it was as soon as I knew they weren't snobby; only fashionable and witty. They were naturally missing their prior life and stressed out about rebuilding it.

message 13: by Kerri (new)

Kerri (kerrisbooks) | 198 comments Mod
Yes I saw that they had won so many and was so pleased!

"Fashionable and witty" sums them up so well, I love that description. I am re-watching it at the moment and am about halfway through the fourth season. I am glad that you are enjoying it too! :)

message 14: by C. (Never msg. Just comment! Email if private.) (last edited Oct 10, 2020 08:26AM) (new)

C.  (Never msg.  Just comment!  Email if private.) (riedel) | 1050 comments Mod
Yes indeed, a combination of country pride, seeing Eugene and Dan on the Kelly Clarkson show, and your enthusiasm made me sure to watch and after disliking a few stories, I became a fan. Unsurprisingly, the one about a cat deceased on the road, turkey hunting, and getting no money back for excess milk were unpleasant.

I recently saw Annie on the Kelly Clarkson show, with an awesome duet of "A Little Bit Alexis / A Little Bit Texas"! I watch "Schitt's Creek" when it is on a few satellite dish channels, which air various years. I saw the finale recently and a new show or two.

message 15: by C. (Never msg. Just comment! Email if private.) (last edited Nov 06, 2020 10:36AM) (new)

C.  (Never msg.  Just comment!  Email if private.) (riedel) | 1050 comments Mod
An unexpected "Schitt's Creek" actress was on "Star Trek Discovery" last night! These are becoming more and more emotional and spirit-lifting and Ron & I just love them. This time we were on the planet Trill (which you will acquaint in "Deep Space 9"): freckled people who compete for the honour of joining with a Simbiant inside them. This is a parasitic but loving connection with the memories of all the bodies that carried this ancient creature over the centuries.

I was sure I recognized the spiritual leader of the Trill and took a few minutes to get it. Lo and behold, it was the black mechanic and council member from "Schitt's Creek"! Previously, it was the mayor we had seen in numerous other roles. I used to be poor at recognizing actors from other roles when I was young because I only used to be invested in what they were playing in the moment. Now I am good at matching faces and voices.

message 16: by Kerri (new)

Kerri (kerrisbooks) | 198 comments Mod
Karen Robinson! I love her in "Schitt's Creek" so am now looking forward to being able to see her in this when I get to it.

message 17: by C. (Never msg. Just comment! Email if private.) (last edited Nov 15, 2020 07:13AM) (new)

C.  (Never msg.  Just comment!  Email if private.) (riedel) | 1050 comments Mod
You didn't remind me of her character name but provided her name to look it up at least. ;) I hope you know she is a guest star unlikely to reappear until planet Trill is visited again. But you will enjoy this early episode of the highly anticipated and paying off season 3. You can't appreciate later Star Trek until you have seen the original series films and the "Next Generation" films, if not the TV series but it is wonderful.

If you are keen on proper order or find yourself hooked, we learn about Trills and many other races in the third series, "Deep Space 9". Obviously don't think of watching the other new show, "Picard", unless you invest in the whole "Next Generation" TV series, about his generation piloting the Enterprise. Two crew members come from Jean-Luc Picard's Enterprise to work at Deep Space 9.

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