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This is the main part of town, where parades and stuff go on :)

(reference pic)

Abby {On Hiatus For A Few Weeks Or Months} (yourclassicintrovertbooknerd) | 1218 comments Wyn strode into town, grasping the edges of her dress so it wouldn't get soaked by the puddles of water that were dotted all over town.

Her feathery wings were hidden, and she was now wearing a simple brown and white dress to help her blend in. She wandered the streets quietly, sometimes discreetly following guards to overhear their conversation, or listening for any promising complaints from the towns-folk that covered the streets.

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The town was bustling with activity. Shops were opening, children were rushing to school, and people of all ages were walking to their jobs. It was as if the town was waking up. The stores and buildings seemed to shine and lit up as people walked past, the streets seemed to brighten up as feet strode down them. Even the air seemed to lighten as the villagers breathed and the sun glowed more. Although many of the villagers were human or took a human-esk form, there were a few magical creatures of different variety. They were probably the ones who made the village come alive.

Abby {On Hiatus For A Few Weeks Or Months} (yourclassicintrovertbooknerd) | 1218 comments After a few minutes of wandering and admiring the town, Em pushed open a door that led into a bakery to see if there was anything going on in there.

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Sera joined the herd and watched as her friends and fellow rebels dispersed, blending into the crowd.

'Where they belong, with everyone else," she thought to herself as she smiled. She believed that everyone deserved the same chances as each other. They all deserved each other's respect. Even the royals deserved mercy, despite all of the cries of injustice they caused.

She thought about all of these things, having a small debate in her mind about morals as she crossed the ocean of civilians. Some people were setting up flower baskets on lamp posts and stringing banners and flags of multiple colors around the square, setting up for the parade in the royal children's honor.

"It's going to look beautiful," sigh Bethelda, a beggar woman. She was cast out and left to rot in the streets. She was once as beautiful as the queen, with long auburn locks and sparkling blue eyes. Now, after years of neglect, her hair had lost its shine and became tangled, her eyes now a foggy mist. She once had perfect porcelain skin, now it was wrinkled and tanned. But what others perceived as Bethelda's ugliness Sera only saw a kind soul aged well with wisdom and humility. Bethelda had been on the streets for as long as Sera had known her, and she was like the mother Sera lacked.

"I can imagine. How are you today, Bethelda? What are you in the mood for? I have cheese, bread, honey, soup, and some pastries. Have your pick," Sera offered her friend, sitting beside the lady on her wool blanket. They always sat together, enjoying each other's company and exchanging tales. Today, it was Sera's turn to tell Bethelda an exciting tale.

"A letter with a royal crest? Now that's something," Bethelda cackled softly. She knew everything about everyone, but this was new.

"Yes it's so exciting. Say, Bethelda, why don't you join me when I go back? You can get a nice bath, a change of clothes, a bed, and a hot meal. Please?" Sera asked. Bethelda knew all about the rebellion as well as what was going on with the royals, but she never joined any meetings like other neutral villagers. Yes, she visited and showed support for Sera when she spoke at meetings in the bar or in a field, but never in the camp.

"Sera, stop worrying. I am happy where I am. You sweet child better stop haggling an old lady with offerings of baths and beds," she smiled. Even before Sera joined the rebels, she had always offered her a place to stay and someone to lean on. But Bethelda had her own demons, and she did not want to burden the girl she considers a daughter with her problems. She just enjoyed her time with the girl, just as Sera enjoyed her time with the old woman.

That sat together awhile more, laughing and chattering like old friends, until Sera looked at the clock. "I have to go help Papa now, but I'll be back for you." Sera hugged the woman. Most people would assume Bethelda smelled terrible, but in reality, she smelled like chocolates and pine and freshly baked cookies.

"Stay safe, girl." Bethelda squeezed Sera's hand and let go, watching her walk away to her father's bakery.

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