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UNSOLVED: One specific book > Teen girl who lives in a house full of models in training and her grandmother is in charge. Spoiler ahead.

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Chelcy | 1 comments Hello, so around 5 years ago, I read this book series I believe it is a YA book series about a teen girl who lives with her grandmother who houses girls for modeling training/school. I remember she has a boyfriend who cheats on her and I also remember that one of the girls father makes fake name brand purses and there is another girl who struggles with drugs. I also think the that in o e of the books, the main girl jumps in front of a moving car pushing ,who I believe is the swim coaches son, out of the way, leaving her in crutches and moving to a room that in down stairs. Someone please help find out the title.Thank You

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Kris | 35768 comments Mod
Model Misfit or another book in the "Geek Girl"series by Holly Smale?

Search = https://www.worldcat.org/advancedsear... > Keyword: grandmother "models" girls | Fiction | Book | English

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