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Suggest books for me > A book about unrequited love, angst, maybe cheating.

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message 1: by Amy (new)

Amy Welch | 12 comments Hiii, so I'm essentially looking for a book similar to The Unrequited by Saffron Kent or Becoming his mistress by A. E Murphy. It must contain unrequited love, maybe forbidden, tons of angst and stuff like that. To kiss an angel is another good example.

I want the H to be devastated because how he's treated the h, at first he could be "in love" with another girl but then realise he's been wrong.


message 2: by Kris (new)

Kris | 35346 comments Mod
Amy, I moved your request to the “Suggest books for me” folder because it sounds like you're looking for books with a particular theme, not one specific book.

message 3: by Amy (new)

Amy Welch | 12 comments Thank you ❤️ I didn't knew this section existed

message 4: by Furikake (new)

Furikake | 10 comments Are you looking for contemporary books only?
I just finished a few Historical romances that fit the description:
Not Quite a Husband (H cheats on h the day before their wedding), Ravishing the Heiress (H is in love with another girl for most of the book and has other mistresses), Private Arrangements (h betrays H shortly after their wedding, which leads to them both cheating on each other)
All by the very talented Sherry Thomas. :)

message 5: by Amy (new)

Amy Welch | 12 comments Thank you @Furikake

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