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Red Queen series

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message 1: by Hareena (new)

Hareena What is everyone's opinion on the Red Queen series?

On booktok there is a lot of mixed reviews saying that many didn't even finish the book or the series.

I've just finished reading the final book in the series and I didn't think it was that bad?

Don't get me wrong, there were definitely some parts that I found unnecessary in the series and others that bored me but I don't think there should be so much hate towards it lmao

What does everyone think?

Also of you've read I'd love to talk about some of my thoughts about the characters ahaha

message 2: by Katharine (new)

Katharine (katharinem012) So I've only read the first two books. I enjoyed them a lot. But I'm also not a huge fan.

I really like the story. But I am not a huge fan of Mare's narrative and the story seemed to drag on sometimes. I recommended the series to a few people. Besides those flaws, I honestly think that the series get a lot of unnecessary hate.

I am planning to continue the series soon!

message 3: by Hareena (new)

Hareena yeah it's deffo not one of my favourite series

I think some parts drag on and others, especially the last book, don't actually need to be included. I even skimmed parts and I still got the story

But yeah the hate is too much imo but I understand why many didn't actually finish it!

also Mare is kinda annoying at some parts, literally by the end of the series you'll hate most of the main characters lmao

message 4: by diana (new)

diana (dianahm) | 3 comments I personally rlly liked it, but it truly depends in taste and it isn’t for everybody but you could enjoy it depending on your taste. The only way to truly know if you like a book or not is by reading it :)

message 5: by natty ✰ (new)

natty ✰ (nattyreads) | 1 comments I really liked the books, actually, but Mare can be annoying sometimes. I can understand the people that doesn't like it, but I don't understand the hate that it has. Anyways, I really enjoyed the books.

message 6: by Shravya (new)

Shravya | 3 comments I actually really enjoyed it. Yes, Mare can be kind of annoying at times, but the character developments were good. The plot twists were AMAZING! Glass Sword was very slow from what I can remember, but I remember loving the rest!!

message 7: by _s0fiiaa_ (new)

_s0fiiaa_ | 3 comments I’ve only read red queen and 24% of glass sword and honestly, I REALLY liked red queen but what I’ve read of glass sword is just not it. Althoughhh I’ve been told it gets better and that king’s cage is amazing. Imma keep reading it after I read some things I want to read a little more! I wanna give it a second chance!

message 8: by niks.books (new)

niks.books (niks_books) i get why a lot of people didn’t really like the series but i thought it was pretty good! i think Mare definitely has her moments, but overall she is a strong character. i like how the author portrays her PTSD and doesn’t just skip past the trauma. i think that Cal is also an interesting character. lots of people on booktok dislike Cal because they are Maven fans, but i think he was great. he was much better for Mare, and their relationship was a lot less toxic (even though it was still toxic). however, i definitely think that Maven is by far the most interesting character in the series. he brings a super cool plot into play and i loved seeing how everything unfolded. Evangeline was another complex character that i really enjoyed seeing more of. i wish we got to understand more of the first book from her POV too because i think it would have been really awesome to see what she felt and what was going through her mind when a random girl started to become a threat to what Evie believed was “her throne.” i really enjoyed her relationship with Elain as well. i thought taht org was down nicely, and i was glad they both got their happy ending. i will say that i found lots of things in the plot to drag on unnecessarily, and i thought the 2nd book was very boring. overall though, i would recommend it to others!

message 9: by Emi (new)

Emi (readingemi) | 3 comments I only read the first one and didn’t really like it😅 I only truly cared about Maven😅😍 I love me some toxic ass man😅😅

Tanisha Herondale (tanishasbooks) | 19 comments I read Red Queen and Glass Sword but I couldn’t really continue 😅. Don’t get me wrong, I want to continue and the plot wasn’t going badly I just sort of...lost interest. Should I continue? :)

message 11: by Levie (new)

Levie | 2 comments I’m a little way through the first one and I’m annotating it as I go but I put it down for a few months as I found it quite boring but I’m starting to pick it up again and hopefully finish it, it’s worded very well and I love annotating it :)

message 12: by Kennedy (new)

Kennedy | 1 comments the first two books were really really good the last two were ok but you definitely get invested in the characters so it makes the books better

message 13: by Hareena (new)

Hareena I think there are some parts of the book that are really good and amazing but then other parts are just super boring, no matter how invested I was in the characters

message 14: by Emma (new)

Emma | 8 comments i only read the first one so far and i rly liked it... i’m scared to read the rest because not a lot of ppl like them

message 15: by Samantha (new)

Samantha (sammylikestoread) I actually really enjoyed the first book, but the second book was kind of boring and I couldn’t get through it so I never really finished the series. But, if you do like slow paced books I would recommend this because the storyline is very good I just wish it was less slow

message 16: by Majo (new)

Majo  | 1 comments I LOVED the first two books, the third i read bc i loved mal but everything just went downhill from there

message 17: by ciara :) (new)

ciara :) (ciaram13) | 2 comments i’ve heard about the many mixed opinions on red queen and i am most likely biased because this story RIPPED me out of my reading slump of like 2 years and left me in love with the story. i’m planning on doing a reread in the summer and taking it slower to really be more analytical of it but i just loved it so much and i think it’ll always be a comfort series.

message 18: by Zoe (new)

Zoe (zoereadstoomuch) | 10 comments im actually in love with this series.... like.... obsessed. everyone who i've shared it with shared the sentimate, so i never really got why half of booktok hates it. it's one of the first books i read when getting introduced to booktok, and helped me get out of the longest reading slump of my life.

im such a slow reader it's painful, but i read the first book in personal-record-breaking-time.

so yeah... i love it.

message 19: by Emma (new)

Emma | 8 comments same ngl i get discouraged when i see booktok “hate” on the series... i’m still new to the whole booktok idea and reading in general so red queen was one of my first books and i actually liked it... i just bought the second one :)

message 20: by Inés (new)

Inés Alcañiz | 1 comments to be honest, at first i couldn’t understand why people seemed to hate this series so much. in my opinion, the first book is amazing. maybe it’s just the fact that i’m too naive to realize about certain stuff and future plot twists, but i really really likes red queen.

now for the second one, it gets boring eventually. second parts don’t usually work for me because transition periods aren’t my best suit. also, at some point i just couldn’t really get the point of the whole book.

i stopped reading the saga back then, but i honestly plan on rereading it in the future and give it a second chance!

message 21: by ava (new)

ava (avaaareads) | 3 comments I loved the red queen series! 👑🗡🩸
It did have some bad sides though, for the last three books the first 100 pages were really slow, however after that I really loved it!!! I loved Maven soooo much before the plot twist, I thought he was really nice and that Mare was lucky to have him. The plot twist was surprising and heart breaking, I do feel sorry for Maven, because of what his mum did to him. And although i shipped Mare and Maven in the first book, I do love cal and mares relationship!! yeahhh and the broken thrones last three short stories we’re definitely the best and are worth the read for!

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