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C.  (Never msg.  Just comment!  Email if private.) (riedel) | 1050 comments Mod
Music is dear to my heart and is a fabulous way to get to know a friend or relative. "Who do you like" gives us conversational fodder in common and tells us a little about each person. Some of my favourites since childhood, unchanged, are: Corey Hart, A-ha, and Chris DeBurgh.

I prefer pop, rock, and melodic dance music (not too robotic or programmed). I add many old and new artists all of the time and love introducing people likewise. Just like books: the age of publication doesn't matter. There are always gems to acquaint new.

Just for fun: I divide a line for old and new Madonna music after her "Bedtime Stories" album. That was new compared to replaying so many of her standards during a delay of anything new. But the album "Ray Of Light" ushered in a whole new sound and attitude. Madonna was growing and made us music to dance along with it.

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Kerri (kerrisbooks) | 198 comments Mod
Interesting about Madonna! I have not ventured that far into her music, just a greatest hits CD and the album "Like A Prayer" which I had on cassette tape! I am impressed to have such a long-lasting, varied career in a field that doesn't often lend itself to that, especially for women.
I have not heard of Chris DeBurgh before, but have heard of A-ha and Corey Hart (as previously mentioned!)

My favourite artist is Tim Finn, across several bands he was in: Split Enz, Crowded House (briefly, only for the "Woodhouse" album) The Finn Brothers (with brother Neil Finn), ALT (though I have only been able to listen to a handful of the songs online because I cannot find their albums) as well as his solo career. It's only been since about 2015/2016 that I realised that so many of songs have loved so much since childhood all had Tim Finn as their common denominator! I'm not sure if any of those bands are well known in Canada, but they are very popular here. Split Enz was one of (or maybe even the) first New Zealand bands to really be successful overseas -- prior to that it wasn't really the done thing for a New Zealand band to think they had a right to a place on an international stage, so they really helped pave the way for a lot of people, and remain quite popular as far as I can tell.

message 3: by C. (Never msg. Just comment! Email if private.) (last edited Jul 19, 2020 06:58AM) (new)

C.  (Never msg.  Just comment!  Email if private.) (riedel) | 1050 comments Mod
I am a big music fan who loves discovering and being introduced to songs all over. So I have slightly heard of Split Enz, the Finn Brothers, and Tim Finn. Now that you mention Crowded House, yes! I hear you on loving every association a favourite singer makes (like the members of A-ha in solo projects).

I was not a Crowded House fan who knew anything about them but bought their music when I was a kid! I know them as an Australian band: is that where the other members are from? Oh yes, rest assured they were huge here and had to have been all over the world. "Don't Dream It's Over", "Better Be Home Soon", "Chocolate Cake".... They are records and tapes. I will see if I have a compact disc and explore Neil's other bands.

Chris DeBurgh is a giant Irish music legend, hugest in the 70s and 80s. I suspect he hasn't had been mainstream worldwide lately because he is hard to categorize. His most famous song is the ballad "The Lady In Red", so he is thought to be a balladier. However he has a lot of pop, rock, and folk music. I would call him a folk musician and he is referred to as "the storyteller".

My parents love him in common with me and my first time seeing him, I brought my Mom! He took many years to return to our fair city and I brought both of my parents, just in autumn 2015! There is a photo of me with my parents downtown.

message 4: by Kerri (new)

Kerri (kerrisbooks) | 198 comments Mod
Yes the other founding members of Crowded House were all Australian and they formed in Australia so are considered an Australian band. There's been a varied line up over the years so I can't remember the nationalities of the current members - - at least one American at this point!

I listened to "The Lady in Red" last night and quite liked it, but haven't listened to any other songs yet. I love that you got to see him with your Mom, and then again with both your parents!

C.  (Never msg.  Just comment!  Email if private.) (riedel) | 1050 comments Mod
I knew you would appreciate that I know and enjoy some talent from your part of the world. Crowded House is one of the bands that were on the air when I was growing up!

It is nice that you took a peek at Chris DeBurgh! I would have suggested something I liked best but naturally, you were curious about his most mainstream song. He is well-loved in Ireland obviously and well-known in Britain. For mysterious reasons that Chris always thanks us for: his second album, "Spanish Train And Other Stories" was 'a monster hit' in Canada. He is always wanted for concerts here, no matter when his last radio hit was.

You probably know artists who are all over the place with their style too, like Sia. For a nice rock number that was very famous in my childhood, try "High On Emotion". For a taste of how atmospheric Chris is, see the video of "Don't Pay The Ferryman", another hit. For his folk vision, listen to "Spanish Train". My whole family loves that!

message 6: by Kerri (new)

Kerri (kerrisbooks) | 198 comments Mod
Hi! I will answer properly tomorrow (hopefully!) but am just leaving a quick message to say our Internet is being prickly, dropping out constantly etc. I've only been able to get sporadic connection - - we have more bad weather that seems to be becoming another storm which will most likely be why. Ideally I will be able to access Goodreads once the weather calms down! :)

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