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Gabriela Fay | 5 comments I'm looking for betas for my YA fantasy novel called, "A Legacy of Pain." It is a fast-paced, action-packed read of 87,000 words. It has already been in the hands of betas, but I'm looking for another round before sending it off to the editor. I would greatly appreciate any feedback you could give! There is some violence, but nothing graphic. If you are interested in reading it, let me know!

Lura is a monster of her master’s creation, and the villain of her own story. After serving as an apprentice to King Baruuk Ayah since childhood, nineteen-year-old Lura has honed her supernatural abilities until she became the ultimate weapon. With her ability to move things with her mind, she shatters the bones of her enemies and vanquishes her opponents on the battlefield. She has become the greatest source of terror in the land and is second only to the king. The only problem is, she is drowning in guilt over the harm she has caused.

So, when an opportunity to liberate herself and her twin sister from their servitude presents itself, Lura seizes the opportunity and escapes. Soon, though, the plots of those who want to control her and her power draw her back into the dark world she escaped from. She must decide to either accept or reject the destiny that is pursuing her. Will she choose to be free of all ties to her former life, or will she serve a higher purpose, using her abilities to free the people from their oppressive rulers?

message 2: by Charlotte (new)

Charlotte Fiona | 13 comments Hi I'm interested. Send it over to me when you're ready, my email is


message 3: by Cedric (last edited Jul 25, 2020 07:39AM) (new)

Cedric Neil (cedricneil) | 5 comments I'm interested in reading this for you! If you're still looking for beta readers, my email is

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