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Sorry I'm Late, I Didn't Want to Come: An Introvert's Year of Living Dangerously
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Laura | 81 comments If you couldn't get enough of Sorry I'm Late... check out this article Jessica Pan wrote for the Guardian last week. It's about trying to keep up her extroverting skills during a quarantine, and the solution she comes across sounds lovely, and I'm almost tempted to try it.


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silvirgirl  | 21 comments this is a really interesting idea! i downloaded the app (but haven't signed up)...

Wynne | 12 comments Thanks for the read, I’m not quite ready to have my phone ring with unknown phone numbers, but when it’s time, I may decide to try it. (Is that ambiguous enough for you?)

Margaret | 13 comments Thank You for organizing . Really liked/loved this book. Zoom dropped me ( second time) and I had to go anyway. So thanks and have a good day all!

Penny | 5 comments I can't believe I totally forgot the book discussion today! I remembered while I was walking the dog at 7:00 pm. I'm disappointed because I thought this was a great book choice and was looking forward to hearing everyone's thoughts on it.

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Jen W | 2 comments Here's another interesting article I saw today. I had to check the byline to make sure it wasn't Jessica!


Laura | 81 comments ha! Definitely in the style of Jessica Pan, I think she even talks about that show in her book.
Nope, definitely not for me - hosting a party AND being on TV? No thank you.

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Jen W | 2 comments It was crazy of him to try a new recipe! You only cook your go to, easy, people always rave about it dish. Mine is cedar plank salmon. The cedar plank does all of the work, and it's really hard to screw up.

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