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message 1: by Allie (new)

Allie | 2 comments It’s a historical romance by a bestselling author that I read 6-10 years ago where the heroine was married to an asshole nobleman, and he leaves her to go to India. Years later, he comes back, transformed into a great husband. Only it turns out that he was actually her husband’s identical half brother, but she doesn’t find out until she’s pregnant. The husband’s friend accuses him of being a fake. There’s a trial, and originally, he doesn’t want to prove his “identity” because he thinks she doesn’t love him anymore. They prove his identity with a tattoo of a secret society that the husband and friend were in, and the brother learned about and got when he read the husband’s journals. The original cover had a light green background.

message 2: by Brenna (new)

Brenna | 487 comments Stranger in My Arms by Lisa Kleypas

message 3: by Allie (new)

Allie | 2 comments Thank you!

message 4: by Kris (new)

Kris | 35772 comments Mod
Allie, just to confirm, are you saying Stranger in My Arms by Lisa Kleypas is your book? (Sometimes people say thanks when someone takes the time to offer a suggestion.)

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