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message 1: by alex (new)

alex (alexthebookish) | 216 comments My favorite characters in general are almost always villains or antiheroes. My top villainous characters are the Darking, Kaz Brekker, Aaron Warner, and Queen Levana. I won't argue that these characters are good PEOPLE, but they're awesome CHARACTERS. Who are your favorite villains/antiheroes?

message 2: by Amelie (new)

Amelie | 1106 comments Some of my favourite villains and anti heroes from books include: Maleficent, Cardan Greenbriar, Jude Duarte, Nova Artino, Light Yagami, Queen of Hearts (specifically from Heartless), Severus Snape, Callum Hunt, and Valentine Morgenstern.

message 3: by Amna (new)

Amna (iamnaa) | 340 comments My favourite villains are Severus Snape, Loki and Kaz Brekker.

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