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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Romance book about a pregnant woman who goes to the hospital to give birth alone. [s]

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Gina | 5 comments This is a contemporary romance book that was written a few years ago. It was about a pregnant woman who goes into labor but her deadbeat boyfriend doesn't care, so she goes to the hospital alone. There she meets a man and he goes into the room with her to help her give birth. She has a daughter (maybe her name was Lily?). After having the baby, she gets depressed and then the man from the hospital somehow re-enters her life and and they fall in love.

Terri | 349 comments Possibly Fighting Envy by Jennifer Miller ? This fits exactly what you wrote.

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Gina | 5 comments Terri wrote: "Possibly Fighting Envy by Jennifer Miller? This fits exactly what you wrote."

That's it! Thank you!!!

Terri | 349 comments You are welcome! Made me want to re-read it.

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