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Make Room: Finding Where Faith Fits
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Alicia J. (aliciakindlereads) | 85 comments Mod
We will discuss week 1 here.

message 2: by Ashley (new)

Ashley Martin (ashkthetigress) | 1 comments Whew! This first chapter has been very interesting. I won't be able to join this week's video call but here are my thoughts:

1. So I definitely closely identify with "Captain Do-Too-Much". My friends are always telling me that I am doing too much. I never saw this as a problem because to me, I wasn't doing enough. After reading that section, my first question to myself was "what does God get out of all my....stuff?!?!? Like at what point do I really evaluate the why behind what I do?

2. The statements he made about drinking, cussing, and music each hit home for me. They are either things that I have thought to myself or things that I have questioned. The one that I am realizing more and more that has the strongest hold on me is sex related.

3. I don't read my Bible enough to know what scriptures would help me and I definitely do a terrible job at understanding how to change my "schedule". That is my project for this week. This book is a good addition to my life and I can't wait to see how the rest of my life improves because this book forces me to look my Bible to get the best picture of my life. This should be good!!!

Alicia J. (aliciakindlereads) | 85 comments Mod
During this first chapter, I really liked how Jonathan discussed the different strongholds we may have.

One saying that stuck out to me was “I can’t believe God would send good people to hell.” Often times we look at the deeds of people and compare it to what will happen when they die. We know that doing good deeds doesn’t “get” you into Heaven, it’s the belief that Jesus is the Son of God and that he died for our sins and rose.

The hoarder section was a interesting read for me. One way that I made time for God in my head this week is by during the day, taking a step back when I feel overwhelmed, angry, or sad and saying a quiet prayer for the Lord to help me through it.

I look forward to see other ways we can make time for God.

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