Where it All Began (Volume 1) Where it All Began question

where can I complain?
Marion Morrison Marion Jul 14, 2020 05:47PM
This is the most difficult website I ever use. It is a struggle to add a new book, have to hurry or the place to add closes. If I ever get one added, it insists it has to put in today's date rather than the dates I read the book. I'm tempted to get a notebook and write it out longhand. Yes, I'm frustrated.

I use my laptop.

Do you by chance use Goodreads via mobile or the app? I find that many people have complained about difficulty that way. I use it via desktop computer and can easily add in dates that I want issue. As for where to complain, I'm not even sure where to point you in the direction.

Marion Morrison Thanks for reaching out. I use goodreads on my laptop. It is so difficult for me. I really want to use it but I dread putting in a new book. (I liked ...more
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