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message 1: by Gord (last edited Sep 13, 2020 06:28AM) (new)

Gord | 553 comments Challenge duration: July 1st - September 30th

Spell out the word: You can pick one or all the words, but the book titles MUST start with each letter of the word. (It's up to you whether you count 'The' as the first word in the title).

U Uzaki-chan Wants to Hang Out! Vol. 3
H Hush, Hush
I 異世界おもてなしご飯 1 Isekai Omotenashi Gohan

U Uzaki-chan Wants to Hang Out! Vol. 4
M Magic Strikes
R Ranma 1/2 (2-in-1 Edition), Vol. 12

A A Fistful of Charms
U Undaunted
T The Cyborg's Secret Baby
U The Unleashing
M Magic Bleeds by Ilona Andrews Aug/10/20

T Three Mages and a Margarita

Cover Match:

-Capture the Sunset Week: Read a book with a cover that has sunset-y colors. Hunt the Wolf (SEAL Team Six, #1) by Don Mann
-Canada Day/4th of July: Read a book with red and white on the cover (extra points if you get blue in there). Sailor Moon Eternal Edition 1 by Naoko Takeuchi
-Romance Awareness Month: Read a book with a couple on the cover.
-Autumn Equinox: Read a book with a cover that gives you Fall vibes (whatever that means to you). A Centaur's Life, Vol. 11 by Kei Murayama


-World UFO Day: Read a book with aliens. Space Bandits by Mark Millar
-Video Games Day: Read a book that mostly takes place inside a video game/virtual reality. (e.g. Ready Player One) So I'm a Spider, So What?, Vol. 1 (light novel) by Okina Baba
-National Bikini Day/Shark Awareness Day: Read a book set at the beach/ocean, at least partly. Goldie Vance Vol. 1 by Hope Larson
-I Forgot Day: Read a book that's been on your TBR list for at least 3+ years.


-Family Fun Month: Read a book where family plays a big role. Ascendance of a Bookworm Volume 1 by Miya Kazuki
-Campfire Day: Read a book that takes place at a camp, at least partly. Lumberjanes, Vol. 13 Indoor Recess (Lumberjanes, Vol. 13) by Shannon Watters
-Relaxation Day: Read a book where the characters are on vacation.
-School's Back in Session: Read a book that takes place at a boarding school. Fallen (Fallen, #1) by Lauren Kate


-Hispanic Heritage Month/Mexican Independence Day: Read a book by a Hispanic author OR with a Hispanic protagonist.
-Read a Book Day/International Literacy Day: Read a book in ONE day. Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear (Light Novel) Vol. 1 by Kumanano
-National Ampersand Day: Read a book with a '&' in the title.
-Native American Day: Read a book by a Native American Author, with a Native American protagonist, OR with Native American mythology. American Gods by Neil Gaiman

message 2: by Gord (new)

Gord | 553 comments I've added in the books I've already got done this month. Not sure if I'm going to try to spell out all four words or not but I figured I'd start filling in what I could.

message 3: by Liliana, YA Paranormal Lover (new)

Liliana (lililostinabook) | 2235 comments Mod
You're off to a great start!

message 4: by Brittany (new)

Brittany | 4688 comments Mod
Looking good Gord! You could totally do all 4 :)

message 5: by Gord (new)

Gord | 553 comments I just don't see me finishing this by the end of the month. I need six more to finish this and if I had a blank reading slate I could bang it out but my reading schedule is packed.

message 6: by Brittany (new)

Brittany | 4688 comments Mod
It definitely happens! No worries there's always next time!

message 7: by Kayleigh {K-Books}, YA Fantasy Fan (new)

Kayleigh {K-Books} (kayley_12) | 1895 comments Mod
Don't worry, I definitely won't be achieving mine either. I had such a bad reading slump these past 2 months.

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