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message 1: by Justine (new)

Justine (its_justine) Hey there, all you self-pub authors. Keep all self-promo to this thread please! Please don't spam. Let's share the spotlight, shall we?

message 2: by Kevin (new)

Kevin Kalu (zaberfang) | 1 comments Ibrahim: And The Magicians' Rebellion

Great reviews thus far! Looking to expand my readership and gain feedback. Free e-book for honest review. Avid readers usually finish within 1-3 Days (297 pages). Easy to read and smooth pacing.

Uploading Chapter(s) 1 to Wattpad/Royal Road to pique an interest

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H.R. Adel | 2 comments Did you mean to spell this thread's title 'promomotion' or I have a found a typo?

message 4: by Justine (new)

Justine (its_justine) H.R. wrote: "Did you mean to spell this thread's title 'promomotion' or I have a found a typo?"

Brand new, extra mega, ultra epic promomotion thread, of course.

*tiny voice* It was a typo, thank youuu.

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H.R. Adel | 2 comments Aw, I kinda liked promomotion.

Anyway, I guess I'll take the oppormotunity to promomote my stuff:

Covenant of Blood, #1

The book is in this year's SPFBO contest. Masculine, grimdark, rated R18+ for sexxxual content and violence - I wouldn't have it any other way!

My site's still in progress, but people can check it out (and read the first few chapters of the book) if they want:

message 6: by Dave (last edited Aug 05, 2020 05:21PM) (new)

Dave Dobson | 1 comments I've got three books out, all of them about the members of the Inquisitors' Guild, a group of investigators in a medieval city. They include magic, sorcery, swordplay, detective work, and some humor mixed in. I'd love it if you'd be willing to give them a try as part of your Self-Published Fantasy Month selections. Here they are:

1) Flames Over Frosthelm (Inquisitors' Guild #1) by Dave Dobson Flames Over Frosthelm

2) The Outcast Crown (Inquisitors' Guild Book 2) by Dave Dobson The Outcast Crown

3) Traitors Unseen (Inquisitors' Guild, #3) by Dave Dobson Traitors Unseen

All are stand-alone mystery adventures. #2 occurs after the events of #1 and includes some of the same characters, while #3 is entirely separate. They're pitched at about a PG-13 level - some romance but no sex, and some fighting and mayhem at times.

Flames Over Frosthelm will be free on Amazon from August 12-16, so you can grab a copy then if you want to explore Frosthelm at the low, low cost of nothing.

Traitors Unseen is always available for free for signing up for my newsletter. Click here to get a free copy.

message 7: by L.A. (last edited Aug 08, 2020 09:29AM) (new)

L.A. (authorbebedora) | 3 comments Hi all!

If you're looking for some adult epic dark fantasy, I have some books for you! Books 1 and 2 of my Alchemist Trilogy are out now, with Book3 due to launch mid-ish 2021. Alchemy, forbidden magic, necromancy, ghosts, giants, swordfights, snark, sass, violence, shape-shifting...and pie! Enjoy a character-driven, dark fantasy adventure spanning time itself!

I don't have any free copies for review available at the moment, but they're always free on Kindle Unlimited! Thanks in advance for the consideration!

The Alchemist Dawn of Destiny by L.A. Wasielewski Book One-- The Alchemist: Dawn of Destiny
The Alchemist Dark Horizon (The Alchemist Saga Book 2) by L.A. Wasielewski Book Two-- The Alchemist: Dark Horizon

message 8: by Cassi (new)

Cassi McCarrick (cassiquinn) | 2 comments Hello All!

Newbie to the group here, and look forward to diving into some of these works!

I currently have two books published, working on a third and fourth right now.

You can find The Prophecy of Meralda here:
It's about Princess Quinlan, who has just turned 21, finding out she is the answer to a 2,000 year old prophecy. When her home is attacked and her family torn apart, she must step up to save them, herself, and her Realm.

Step Right Up is a fictional autobiography of Oscar Melvin...join me in this fantastical world of how he was molded into the monster we know as Jack the Ripper:

message 10: by K.A. (new)

K.A. Wiggins (kaiespace) | 2 comments Hi all, I'm a Canadian speculative fiction author of (SFF/Horror/everything spooky lol) with an indie-published YA series and a mix of indie and small press short fiction out.

The first book in my ecopunk-meets-UF "climate change + monsters of folklore" YA series Threads of Dreams just got picked as a finalist for the Page Turner Awards, so that's exciting:

Blind the Eyes (Threads of Dreams #1) by K.A. Wiggins

And I just released the latest book in the series last week, so it's been busy for sure!:

Black the Tides (Threads of Dreams, #2) by K.A. Wiggins

Looking forward to connecting with new readers and celebrating all that is fantastical, creepy, and Halloween-ready as we (finally) head into fall with some indie reads. :)

message 11: by Chase (new)

Chase (chasebolling) | 2 comments Hello everyone, I'm Chase an indie author from Bridgeport, CT and I'm excited to share my novel The Road of Resistance!
SHTF when rogue U.S. government AI, traps weapons technology in the Dark Ages, prompting the president to incarcerate and enslave all but the elite and agents of the shadow government!

Now riding for your hood, takes on an all new meaning, in the dystopian sci-fi, epic fantasy thriller The Road of Resistance, as a Blerd uses his violent past in the street, and a love of the SCA and historical martial arts to lead his inner-city community in rebellion against tyranny, hate groups, corrupt cops, and martial law!

Readers say:

Even though dystopians/sci-fi/fantasies aren't my top genre, let's just say this book gave me LIFE in many ways.-Books by Janee

If you want a read that is more an emotional roller coaster plus awakens your imagination, this is the book you're searching for and you will not be disappointed.
-tootsthegreat, Instagram

Black Lives Matter meets Vikings, but the Vikings are brothas, and they are taking no prisoners.

Speaking of fights, Bolling’s battle scenes are effortless. Sometimes, I find it hard to visualize the parries and punches, but not with The Road of Resistance. Bolling has a talent for penning war scenes that actually capture the action.
-Kay B, Medium

Influenced by hip-hop, medieval fantasy, and dystopian fiction, The Road of Resistance delivers! With epic action inspired by great storytellers like Milton Davis, Christian Cameron, and Suzanne Collins, its sure to thrill and inspire! Get your copy and walk The Road of Resistance Today!

message 12: by William (new)

William | 12 comments Hi! I'm William Ray, and I write a series called Tales of the Verin Empire, the first of which was named to Kirkus Reviews' Best Books of 2016. It's a fantasy setting similar to the 19th century British Empire, but in a world where ancient magics from the past still linger.

Gedlund (Tales of the Verin Empire #1) by William Ray Gedlund is a war story, following a young historian caught up in a war between the Verin Empire and the Lich King of Gedlund. Rifles and cannon are pitted against legions of the undead.

The Great Restoration (Tales of the Verin Empire #2) by William Ray The Great Restoration is a detective story, set ten years after Gedlund. Mysterious pro-Elven cultists kidnap an engineer working on an architectural wonder for the Khanom Exposition.

message 13: by Samantha (new)

Samantha Dearing | 2 comments My name is Samantha Dearing, and I have created an Epic Fantasy with elements of Magic, Romance, adult themes, and an exciting plot with characters who have become very special to me.

This tale follows a woman running desperately from an unhealing hurt in a world overtaken by the restless dead. The trouble is that she may be the only soul who can free the world from the shadows that now cover it. But to do so, she will have to walk straight into the fires that scorched her spirit and battle with the Devil himself.

It is available for free on Kindle Unlimited (greatly appreciate reads from that source):

I never thought I would actually be here, holding a physical copy of a book I wrote in my very own hands. It's unbelievable, But I had a story to share, and now that I know I can, I won't be stopping any time soon.

All for one,
Samantha Dearing

message 14: by Eric (last edited Sep 09, 2020 03:29PM) (new)

Eric Balch | 1 comments Hello. I'm Eric. I recently published my first book, Assault on Devil's Den, on Amazon. It is the first book in a series, the rest of which is still in development

Pelagius, servant of Ender, god of valor, is haunted by his recent and brutal battles. He is tired, battle-weary, and ready to put down the mantle of hero. Seeking a reprieve from the nightmarish memories of his endeavors, he and his companion, Bojan, rest in a small hamlet. However, it seems as though the once-proud hero can never be free from danger.

During his stay, he and Bojan witness a terrible magical attack. The mysterious Green-Eyed Man uses dark magic that steals the very souls of its victims.

Realizing that the source of the Green-Eyed Man’s power is none other than the soul-devouring Babu, Pelagius knows there is only one thing he can do. He must infiltrate the fortress of Devil’s Den and kill Babu once and for all. But to reach him—let alone stand a chance at defeating him—they must fortify themselves with a company of heroes from all over the kingdom of Waskan and beyond.

Will Pelagius and Bojan be able to unite a band of diverse heroes to try and conquer evil? Or will a series of unforeseen obstacles along their way stop them before they can take a stand in the Devil’s Den?

Assault on Devil's Den Champion of Valor (The Sarcasca Chronicles #1) by Eric Balch
Assault on Devil's Den: Champion of Valor

message 15: by Noor (new)

Noor Al-Shanti | 3 comments I'm running a sale on my stand-alone epic fantasy novel so I guess this would be the best time to post about it!

Children of the Dead City

A Mad Sorcerer.

A weak King.

A defenseless city.

When Dargoth is kidnapped from his mother’s arms he is forced to come face to face with the forces that threaten his Kingdom. As he struggles to reunite with his mother, Dargoth decides that he must do something to help the people of his city stand against the Sorcerers. He throws himself into the heart of a rebellion led, not by kings or army commanders, but by the children whose lives were upended just like his. This is their story, the epic tale of the Children of the Dead City.


It's on sale for only $0.99 this week on Kobo, Amazon, Apple, Google Play, Barnes & Noble, and Angus & Robertson.

message 16: by Freya (new)

Freya Faust (freyafaust) | 1 comments Hello nerds! I just launched my debut novel, a little urban fantasy by the name of Stray Dogs, just at the start of the month!

It's a novel filled with with swears, banter, action, magic, and queer angst all in equal measure. If you think that’s neat, give it a read and/or suggest it to someone else who’d think it’s neat.

Stray Dogs: The Burke Misadventures Book 1 ON KINDLE

Stray Dogs: The Burke Misadventures Book 1 OTHER PLACES


The Burke Siblings are damn good at what they do. And what they do? Well that isn’t any good at all.

Performing wet work for the Order of Magic’s Black Operations, the Burkes keep order in a chaotic world. But when their handler doubts their loyalty, snarky firebrand Ed and cerebral illusionist Des discover the difference between the ‘haves’ and ‘have-nots’ in the Order of Magic’s hierarchy.

Forget getting paid, surviving the Order’s most accomplished killer becomes the Burkes’ all-consuming focus.

That and toppling the whole underhanded house of cards that betrayed them.

Allies are hard to find when you’re pariahs, so the Burkes turn to a shapeshifter they had hunted not too long ago--an individual who supplies uneasy alliances, personal epiphanies, and stomach butterflies in equal measure.

Inspired by the likes of The Dresden Files, Hard Magic, and Supernatural, STRAY DOGS is the brainchild of a queer author who values clever magic, frantic action, and hair-trigger wit.


Stray Dogs: The Burke Misadventures Book 1

message 17: by H.L.Tinsley (new)

H.L.Tinsley H.L.Tinsley | 1 comments Hi everyone,

I'm new to posting - this is the first group I've joined but I'm loving the recommendations I've seen so far.

My debut fantasy novel releases on 1st October. It's a grimdark, gas lamp adventure following the journey of soldier-turned-mercenary, John Vanguard, through the corrupt city of D'Orsee.

'We Men of Ash and Shadow' has been described as 'Sin City meets Assassin's Creed meets V for Vendetta'.

You can take a look at some of the early reviews here -

I'm looking forward to getting more involved in the Goodreads community over the coming months, getting to talk about great books and sharing new talent.

message 18: by Amber (new)

Amber Gabriel | 1 comments A Crack in the Rock
Why does no one understand her? All Sashia wants is to learn, but she is constantly told to stop asking questions and mind her own business. There must be some purpose for her insatiable curiosity. The workings of the human body fascinate her--if only she could learn more! Could injuries be better treated and death itself avoided with a more thorough knowledge of anatomy?

When an itinerant healer and his wife discover Sashia and offer her an apprenticeship, she jumps at the chance. However, life holds even more unexpected twists as she catches the eye of the crown prince of Berush. Will Sashia be able to pursue her career as a healer, or will handsome Prince Cyrus change her plans? With her heart torn between two great passions, which will she choose?

Life is uncertain, and Sashia soon finds some things are out of her control. Sashia struggles to shape her own destiny in a patriarchal society where polygamy is legal and women are subject to their father or spouse.

Slight of frame, but fierce in heart, Sashia will need every ounce of strength she possesses, and the wisdom and support of friends and allies, to endure what her future holds. What other obstacles must she overcome to live her dreams and find happiness?
The Edge of the Sword series contains medieval violence and adult situations without becoming explicit. Although it qualifies as fantasy due to its other-world setting, there is no magic other than the magic of a great story. I would aporeciate your feedback!

message 19: by Zamil (new)

Zamil Akhtar (zamakhtar) | 1 comments Gunmetal Gods

Game of Thrones meets Arabian Nights in this blood-soaked fantasy epic inspired by the crusades, featuring Lovecraftian gods, mischievous djinns, and astral magic!

"...a huge, epic story that is an absolute page turner full of amazing battles, intense political intrigue, and surprises at every turn. This book easily stands with the best of epic fantasy fiction." - Reedsy ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Only 99c for a limited time

Get it at

message 20: by Samantha (new)

Samantha Dearing | 2 comments My recently published epic fantasy is needing honest reviews, and I am willing to provide free Mobi/pdf file copies for EVERYONE interested.

This novel follows a woman named Nara who can walk into people's dreams. When her kingdom is taken over by a mysterious new king, he takes her from her small village to work in the castle...almost as though he had been looking specifically for her. Now all eyes are on Nara, and between the King, a jealous and tyrannical High Priestess, and a mysterious figure no one else can see, Nara soon finds that she is thrust into a larger arena than she could have dreamed.

Check out my Book Trailer:

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