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Phoenix (Books with Wings) Elsie walked inside and looked around.

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It was beautiful, with polished birch floors, an oak table, a giant fluffy bed with purple-and-white sheets, and a chandelier at the entrance.

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Cecilia (helenrosehillsberry) | 916 comments Amber floated into the room with Elsie, going right through the wall. Okay, she knew she was dead, this mean't that this was either a hallucination, an afterlife or..... Or she was a ghost. That actually made sense. She wondered if she could communicate with Elsie. Hello, can you hear me? she thought at Elsie.

Phoenix (Books with Wings) Elsie jumped when she heard the voice in her head. She had heard the same thing in the capitol...who was it?
She thought yes back at the voice as she sat down on her bed in wonder.

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Cecilia (helenrosehillsberry) | 916 comments You don't recognize me do you? Amber thinks at Elsie. That makes sense, I couldn't talk when I was alive.

Phoenix (Books with Wings) Elsie looks around, shocked. a-are you...Amber?

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Cecilia (helenrosehillsberry) | 916 comments Amber smiles softly. Yes. Are you alright?

Phoenix (Books with Wings) Tears begin to fill Elsie's eyes and she swipes them away. Not really. I'm a victor many things have happened. I'm not cut out for this.

((I literally had the best idea for how hg 7 should have ended.
it would have been amazing if they had both committed suicide so they could make sure that the capitol didn't have a victor. That would be so funny))

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smile is taking a smiley break (smileyfox) [[That... would've been annoying... XD]]

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Cecilia (helenrosehillsberry) | 916 comments You're doing fine. It will be all right. Why was that man attacking you?

((Yes, that would have been.))

Phoenix (Books with Wings) ((That's why we should have done it!!! It would have been SO funny))

Elsie sighs internally. he wanted me to tell him what it was like to kill people.

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(The Capitol could've saved one of them.)

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smile is taking a smiley break (smileyfox) [[Yeah, we could've and would've. XD]]

Phoenix (Books with Wings) ((if they'd jumped off the edge of a ship, which is a very long fall, and then plunged into the ocean???))

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smile is taking a smiley break (smileyfox) [[I'm still pretty sure we would've found a way to save one of them... we have our ways... XD]]

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Cecilia (helenrosehillsberry) | 916 comments ((You underestimate our creativity.))

I understand why you didn't want to answer him then.

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(We might...but you also underestimate our creativity too.)

Phoenix (Books with Wings) ((okay but I know a way that could assure you never got them back--and I'm not telling.))

I don't want to talk to anyone. Anyone other than you. The games are awful...they pit people against each other. It's not fair.

Phoenix (Books with Wings) Elsie begins crying.

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smile is taking a smiley break (smileyfox) [[Oh great... now I'm curious! XD]]

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Cecilia (helenrosehillsberry) | 916 comments Amber ruffles Elsie's hair.

The games are awful and unfair, but that's no reason you shouldn't talk to anyone else, many of the people here don't like the hunger games or the capital either.

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Cecilia (helenrosehillsberry) | 916 comments ((I am too!))

Phoenix (Books with Wings) ((Have any of you read scythe))

Phoenix (Books with Wings) but who is there to talk to? You were the only only friend who...who...cared.

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Cecilia (helenrosehillsberry) | 916 comments ((Yes. I think I know exactly what your idea is, but they might be able to stop it before it killed the tributes.))

Phoenix (Books with Wings) ((Yeah...well it doesn’t really matter now but if we could have done it, it would have been great...))

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Cecilia (helenrosehillsberry) | 916 comments Victoria cared, and you can make friends, friends who will care. Friends who don't want more children to die in the hunger games. How many of the other victors do you think love the capital? I doubt you could find a single one.

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Soiree gently knocked on the door to Elsie's house. She carried a little box of different assorted cookies, and her hair was still shorn short.

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Cecilia (helenrosehillsberry) | 916 comments Amber starts and then ruffles Elsie's hair. Here's your chance to make more friends.

Phoenix (Books with Wings) Elsie rose slowly. are you sure I should answer it? she sniffled and wiped her tears from her cheeks.

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Cecilia (helenrosehillsberry) | 916 comments I'm sure. You'll be fine. I'll be here with you. Amber ruffles Elsie's hair.

Phoenix (Books with Wings) Elsie slowly walks to the door, each footstep like lead. Her hand shakily reaches out to open it and then she yanks it open quickly to reveal soiree.
She opens her mouth to speak but no sound comes out. She has to repeat ambers words in her head before she manages to say, “hello.”

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"Hi!" Soiree smiles. "I'm Soiree, third game winner!" she says brightly. No longer does she think of the meaning of that title. It's just become a part of her. "Welcome!" she smiles, handing Elsie the cookies.

Phoenix (Books with Wings) Elsie takes the cookies, surprised. “Oh, uh—“ her voice is scratchy and she has to clear it before she can speak again. “I’m Elsie...thanks for the cookies. you wanna come inside or...something? I’ve only been here a day so it’s not very..well it s pretty sparse but it’s a nice house anyways?” She winces at how awful she sounded, with all that stuttering.

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"Nice to meet you, Elsie!" she smiles. "Sure, if you're offering, I will come in. I know you just got here and all." She wore a white sundress and straw hat, with flowers on the brim. Her sleeves were short, revealing the scars carved into her arms from the games. It was two names, Doug and Seth.

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Maisie walked towards them, putting on a bright smile. She was surprised at how well she managed to smile, how her lips loosened even though they were tightening. She waved at them and said: "Hi there! Maisie, fifth Games."

Phoenix (Books with Wings) Elsies eyes focused on the names on soirees arms for a second before flirting to maisie. “Hi,” she says, shy because of the sudden influx of people. “Um, yeah, you can come in...Maisie too...unless you have a better place to go.”
((Just a question but are you counting ages anymore? Because technically they would age a year per game... which means Elsie is fourteen...I dunno it seems confusing...))

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(Kind of..yeah.)

Maisie's arms were also tattered with scars. One with Casey's name, and many, many more gruesome ones from Capitol torture.
Maisie entered the house. "Are you..doing alright?"

Phoenix (Books with Wings) Elsie heaves a loud sigh, refusing to get angry at maisie. It wasn’t her she was angry at anyways. She didn’t deserve to get the brunt of it.
“No,” she replies truthfully, walking to the kitchen to get a few plates so they can all share soirees cookies. “I just went through the games. My best—my only friend, at that time—she committed suicide so I could win. And then...” her eyes fill with tears. “The president, he harassed me. Because I wouldn’t answer his question. So no, I’m not alright.”

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Maisie stared deep into Elsie's eyes, then said: "I know what you're going through. Our ghosts will never leave us. But..." She extends a hand. "I've decided to stop being sullen. And to be here for others. Always."

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Soiree followed them in, nodding to Maisie in greeting. She leaned against the counter thoughtfully. "I'm sorry, Elsie," she said softly. "I know how it feels. I went... I went psycho, killed my boyfriend, and then my best friend gave up his life for me," she said gently. "Don't worry, we understand."

((Soiree was 16, so she's... 22 now? Wow))

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Cecilia (helenrosehillsberry) | 916 comments Amber ruffles Elsie's hair. Soiree and Maisie seem nice.

Phoenix (Books with Wings) Elsie smiles sadly. “Th-thank you, guys. That’s really useful...thank you,” she repeats. She reached into a cupboard and pulled out three plates, putting a few cookies on each and handing a plate each to her visitors. “Um,” she coughs. She wants to ask them...she wants to ask them if there’s a rebellion...a way to overthrow the capitol but she doesn’t want to overstep. And there are always cameras watching.

((Ha ha, I know. Elsie was 13. But it doesn’t really make sense for her to be 14 already since she like just arrived...i suppose we could say her bday was during the games or something...))

Phoenix (Books with Wings) Elsie smiles at what amber says, or thinks at her is the better word. yeah.

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((I can't even imagine Soiree being that old XD Maybe she'll kind of end up being the parent figure for Elsie, or at least one of the kids from HG10))

"Thank you," Soiree smiled, grabbing her plate. She bit into one, thinking a bit. "If you don't mind me asking, how old are you? You seem a bit young to be living here all alone..." she said sadly.

Phoenix (Books with Wings) ((Hmm, yeah. The poor hg 10 kids...))
“I’m...” Elsie pauses to think on her age, unsure on what day it is. She chews a cookie as she thinks. “I guess I’m fourteen now. I think my birthday was during the games but I can’t be so sure.”

Phoenix (Books with Wings) “And Im not alone, not really,” she adds. “I have a ghost...and amber is good company. I have—or had—a family as well but I guess they don’t wish to see me.” She shudders. “I wouldn’t want to see me either.” Her voice lowers. “I’m a murderer...”

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