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Taunt (End of The World Series #1)
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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Erotica romance - girl arrested by organization and 3 military men watch her at a beach house- end up having sex. [s]

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LeaR | 5 comments From what i remember, the book picks up in Paris where the friend of the heroine kills herself and we learn that the h is emotionally detached, jaded even. She's some kind of genius/environmental activist and she's arrested. The organization that found and arrested her is (I think) led by a woman. The h is transported by plane to the US and we learn that the woman asked 3 military men (I think at least 2 of them are friends) to watch and guard the h. The h is kept inside a beach house while the 3 men stay in some sort of shed. The men are attracted to the h and one by one they end up having sex with the h. At the end of the book after fight scenes and love scenes they all arrived at a different location where the h knows the people and they confessed their mutual feelings and have a foursome (i believe on a table).
That's pretty much what i can remember, I think I read that book in the last 2 years ? maybe less

LeaR | 5 comments Oh and thank you to whoever finds the name of the book !!

message 3: by Zenta (new)

Zenta  (juljeta) | 193 comments It sounds like Taunt by Eve Dangerfield

LeaR | 5 comments YES! That’s it Thank you so much

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