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Barry (barrypz) | 3075 comments Success Survival

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Barry (barrypz) | 3075 comments The author marries and becomes a professor. His wife is diagnosed with a cancer.
He does come to a conclusion though that ignorance and hate was not the cause of racism, but self interest. Powerful policymakers push racism which leads to the ignorance and hate. The author faced questions on what he, personally was doing about bad policy. So he did take action. He concieved of teams that would model the steps needed to eliminate inequity.
-bad policy, not bad people
-identify inequity
-find policy that will eliminate inequity
-find who has the power to make this change
- institute anti racist policy
-drive racists from power
-seek out new and more effective treatments
-monitor to prevent new racist policies
Then, as his wife gets past her cancer, he develops colon cancer as a young man. Stage 4, as maybe the whole world has. The author was treated and survived.

So treat racism as a cancer, and excise it.

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