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Blake Jordan | 1 comments Title: Public Bondage
Author: Blake Jordan
ASIN : B08997J8XM
Publication Date: May 27, 2020
Format: Kindle
She hated being tailed by her secret service bodyguards, but the dirty politics started for real when she used her pretty tail to seduce one of her bodyguards into crossing a lot of sexual lines with her. When she met him again for another sexual makeover rematch she had come with some serious plans for future advancements of hers, but he was the alpha male stud who didn't go down easy for anybody.

She had already been trapped in the public eye but Jason Lister thought that the sexy blonde politicians daughter needed more hard lessons about humility and self service to his personal greater good. Her bondage and submission to him was just part of the game that they were playing, but Penie Palin had her own ideas about how to turn a sexual marathon into a race to get him to carry out her secret plan that she needed him for.

She was used to being in the public eye. If he wanted to have her bad enough, she had to give it to him good enough to be able to go national with her plan to screw up a national election. It would be better for her, and if she had to go public with her sexy dirty politics, a little stuffing of the ballot box was just how she would have to swing the votes her own way.
Page Count: 101
Link to Amazon:

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