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Lawrence of Arabia

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message 1: by Roniq (new)

Roniq I just saw Lawrence of Arabia for the first time. It was playing here in Seattle at the Cinerama, One of only three Cinerama theatre's in the world, which contains the most massive screen you've ever seen.

I LOVED the film. The Cinematography, Dialogue, acting, story, the music, everything about this film was wonderful. I especially loved Peter O' Toole as Lawrence, his character was passionate, quirky,effeminate and masculine all at once. I think the camera loved O' Tooles face and he is so expressive, it was as much a joy to watch him be silent as it was to watch him speak.
Omar Sharif was fabulous as well, in addition to Alec Guiness, who I barely recognized as the Prince.
It was an absolute treat to see it on such a large screen.
I felt like some of the story line could be related to current events and found some parallels very interesting. This is on my top all time movie list for sure.

message 2: by George (last edited Mar 26, 2008 05:41PM) (new)

George | 951 comments I saw this film when it first came out. I was in the 6th grade and I still remember it. I was deeply affected it by it and fascinated by its portrayal of the Arab people and the Middle East. Since college I've been in and out of the Middle East ever since. As noted in the movie, Lawrence remains a very controversial figure. Those of you with patience to wade through the book should read the Seven Pillars of Wisdom, which Lawrence wrote about his experiences. You'll find it most interesting, and rather eccentric at points. I'd also recommend A Prince of Our Disorder, one of the main points of which is that Lawrence is so enigmatic that each generation tends to reinvent Lawrence according to its own obsessions.

As for the movie itself, I don't think anyone could have portrayed T.E. Lawrence battling all his personal demons, and they were legion, other than Peter O'Toole. It is a very layered complex portrayal. Omar Sharif is every bit as good, absolutely his best performance. Anthony Quinn as the great Bedouin chief, Auda is great. A fabulous cast, all in all, Alec Guiness, Claude Rains, Anthony Quayle,etc, etc, etc. Filmed on location in Jordan at Wadi Rum and the landscape is every bit as much a part of the movie as the actors.

As for its relevance in today's world, I highly recommend A Peace to End All Peace by Fromkin.

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