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Arlington Public Library (arlingtontxpubliclibrary) | 46 comments Mod
Read a "Whodunit" book and leave a review.

message 2: by Allen Mather (new)

Allen Mather | 1 comments Murder on the Orient Express I read this book after seeing the movie - the book is WAY better! A bunch of folks on a train, one murder, one detective - how in the world will Monsieur Poirot figure out "whodunnit"? It held my attention the entire way through, and I highly recommend it!

message 3: by Terrie (new)

Terrie (mcmath) | 10 comments I read "Miracle Creek" by Angie Kim. A couple from Korea have a hyperbolic chamber service. It catches on fire during a session. This story is told in a series of flashbacks from different characters' viewpoints. And slowly learn how and why the fire started. The book has several twists. It differs from most the mysteries I read by its characters: an immigrant family, and mothers of autistic or disabled children. I recommend this book.

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