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message 1: by Pam (last edited Jun 19, 2020 02:53PM) (new)

Pam | 1070 comments Mod
Hello OSS!

Lately I have watched a tremendous outpouring come from the feminist sisterhood. Social campaigns like "Share the Mic Now" amplified voices of community members and connected individuals to experts in the field.

I would love to do something similar with OSS going forward. As a moderator, my role is to make sure the OSS platform is working for the community; it is not here to be a gatekeeper. The community is here to read amazing books, learn from each other, and share collected experiences around these topics.

So with your help I would like to find a few individuals who are willing to be our Community Leaders. We would have new Leaders with each book we read together so as to amplify as many voices as we can. These Leaders would introduce the Member Selected Book and/or lead discussion topics, too.

What do you think? Are you interested in being a Community Leader? (Or some other name)

message 2: by Florian (new)

Florian (laughingflow) | 215 comments Not sure of what you mean by Community Leaders, mind to reformulated please? What type of person are we looking for? What would we expect from them?
I would need a few clarifications for my little mind ☺️

It looks an interesting idea but I am not sure to get the whole thing.

Also, I know you said you are no gatekeeper but I just want to ask "what if the community leader does wrong things?" what would be your role etc... Would we have some safeguards?

message 3: by Pam (new)

Pam | 1070 comments Mod
Thanks for your questions Florian.

In the past when Watson was still here she or the book authors would introduce the book we would read. Kicking the book off and explaining its value to Feminism and why we are reading it.

Às Watson is gone, I propose instead that we turn to our our community to introduce the books and lead discussions.

These individuals would not be moderators.

These individuals would differ every two months based on the books we read.

These individuals would help facilitate dialogue between all of us around the book topic.

I would say no more than 2-3 leaders per book..

message 4: by Florian (new)

Florian (laughingflow) | 215 comments I see. Thanks for you answers! You definitely clarify my thoughts thanks.

Then, I guess it's a great idea. Community leaders or guides (I prefer the word guide, no idea why 🤭 hihi), would definitely help discussion if they have a deep knowledge (or at least a better knowledge than us) on the topics.

I hope that will work out, I always prefer to learn from people and through discussions rather than from books and own research. Of course, there are complementary and having resource people does ot prevent to look further on our own.

Thanks for that initiative Pam! 👌

message 5: by [deleted user] (new)

That is great Pam. Since Emma Watson left we have to do everything to keep this "feminist ninja-gang" going. Having community leaders might help.

message 6: by Julia (last edited Jul 02, 2020 01:37PM) (new)

Julia N. Aydn | 1 comments Hi all! I am new to the club (alas I missed its golden days), have been reading the last threads and I think having community leaders would be awesome! Since it is literally the one and only club of its kind, isn't it just so important to bring it back to its glory.
Wondering why are there no volunteers so far to become a community leader. Is the title "leader" such a repellent? We as women should become more comfortable with this word :P
I hope someone will step up! 'Cause wasting such a brilliant community would be a shame. I'd volunteer but as a newcomer I think it's appropriate to get acquainted first.

message 7: by Pam (new)

Pam | 1070 comments Mod
Julia wrote: "Hi all! I am new to the club (alas I missed its golden days), have been reading the last threads and I think having community leaders would be awesome! Since it is literally the one and only club o..."
Thanks Julia! Welcome to OSS. With your help we can bring about an OSS renaissance!

I will be posting a request for Community Leaders for So You Want to Talk About Race before we start reading it AND the poll for the next book. So check your mailbox around July 19th!

This thread is more to beta test this concept.
- Is there an interest in this?
- Does the name work? Or should we call it something else? (Community Leaders? Community Engagers? Engagement Leaders? Something else?)
- Are there any other things to say to make it clear?

Love to hear your feedback!

message 8: by Florian (last edited Jul 04, 2020 03:59AM) (new)

Florian (laughingflow) | 215 comments OK, I've not seen many reply so... if one day we read about eco-feminism again with a focus on plastic and pollution, or maybe energy I'll might propose to start and animate discussions... If nobody wants it.

I hope we'll have more people motivated for guiding discussions (I prefer the word guide than lead 😊).

message 9: by Pam (new)

Pam | 1070 comments Mod
Great feedback, thanks Florian.

Community Guides?
Engagement Guides?

message 10: by Florian (last edited Jul 04, 2020 09:21AM) (new)

Florian (laughingflow) | 215 comments I like the "engagement guides" it is both soft and powerful.

It shows the person commits and points out directions that people are free to explore :)
"leader" is, from my perspective, a bit rigid.

I know it is semantic and some people might think it is useless :) I tend to feel it is quite important to be on the same wavelength.
Of course, it is only my personal point of view ;) maybe if we have such people proposing discussions and other activities you mentioned and it is successful, then we could think about a name altogether just like the name OSS was chosen but a bit early to do so 😊

message 11: by Mirka (new)

Mirka | 1 comments Hi
I like the idea of a community/engagement guide or leader. I don't mind the word leader since it has positive connotations for me. I think that we all need to embrace the role of a "leader" in our work/personal lives more; especially women.
I am relatively new in this forum, so Pam I would need you guidance. I am happy to take up this role for the new book.

message 12: by Tracy (new)

Tracy Trofimencoff | 48 comments I also think this is a great idea. Leader is a word women should be embracing now more than ever. I appreciate the dialogue to clarify this role. Just curious about time commitment? What would the expectation be? Thanks.

message 13: by Pam (last edited Jul 05, 2020 08:10PM) (new)

Pam | 1070 comments Mod
Thanks for the feedback!

My goal is that there would be something like 2-3 leaders per book. We read a book for 2 months. But the leaders would decide what those two months look like.

So for example:
One leader would write the introduction to the book. One leader would write topic prompts for the first month. Another leader would write the topic prompts for the second month.


Two leaders would connect together to write the introduction. One leader would host a zoom call or join the squad on the OSS Skype chat one day out of the two months. Or they would have a thread that was specifically an Ask Me Anything thread where they would respond to any questions from the members for the whole two months.

Or some other version. I don't want to determine what the format would be, but rather let it change based on what the Leaders would like to do.

But the the commitment would not last longer than 2 months.

one stipulation...these leaders would have to commit to reading the book before we read it together if they are introducing it OR they have to have a background in the material. For example: if we had community leaders earlier I would say if we were reading My Life on The Road, a great Community Leader would be someone who was a feminist since the 1970's. Or if we had this in place for Betraying Big Brother it would be someone living in or had lived in China, Hong Kong or Taiwan.

Does that clarify things?

message 14: by LadyTea33 (new)

LadyTea33 | 1 comments Thank you!

message 15: by Abhishek (new)

Abhishek Abraham (lucifer007) | 12 comments Pam wrote: "Hello OSS!

Lately I have watched a tremendous outpouring come from the feminist sisterhood. Social campaigns like "Share the Mic Now" amplified voices of community members and connected individual..."

I would be happy to be a part of this team and be a community leader

message 16: by Imme (new)

Imme | 2 comments Hi Pam,

I'm new to this group but as my bookshelf on women (and other inclusive development) has been growing I'd love to be involved!

My background is in inclusive economic development in developing countries and I'd happily suggest books and/or team up with another interested Community Leader. My current read on this topic: The Double X Economy.

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