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message 1: by Ana Paula (new)

Ana Paula (anapaulacordeiro) | 46 comments Dear OSS,

Using as springboard The Handmaid's Tale, I am wondering what are your thoughts about the twitterstorm involving JK Rowling, particularly in light of Emma Watson's response.

I chose The Handmaid's Tale as starting point because a) this is a book club and b) many of the comments made on the related Twitter threads brought me a dystopian sensation of being spoken of as a commodity of body parts. For instance, one of the terms under discussion is "people who menstruate".

Much is being said about JKR's position, but perhaps we could focus on how arguing about what is a woman relates to the feminist literary body?

To get the ball rolling: in my opinion, it contradicts itself.

With this reading club I read "Half the Sky". I read "The Handmaid's Tale". Even from "Fierce Femmes and Notorious Liars" - the existence of biological sex was not thrown out as one throws the baby along with the bath water. One thing is to disown Harry Potter, which I read as a book about death.

But this is OSS, started of by the UN Women Ambassador. How do we square "menstruators" with the very bookshelf in this club?

If anyone is interested, here are the links:



Curious about your perspective,

message 2: by Annie (new)

Annie | 44 comments You might want to check out this thread...

message 3: by Florian (new)

Florian (laughingflow) | 215 comments Not sure to really be the good person to comment on that thread but I hope members will share their thoughts so that I can question myself and learn through the discussion :)

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