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message 1: by Pam (new)

Pam | 1070 comments Mod
What were you thoughts about Betraying Big Brother: The Feminist Awakening in China?

What inspired you?
What shocked you?

message 2: by Gaspard (new)

Gaspard Monceau (gaspardmonceau) | 3 comments What shocked me was how China is such a free country, it was looked like 1984 by Georges Orwell. But what strucked me even more is that despite this discrimination and this confinement these five women remained strong when anyone would have cracked... The #freethefive movement also gave me hope in humanity this movement has grown so much it is unimaginable !

message 3: by Miche (new)

Miche | 4 comments So many things shocked me but then I am incredibly ignorant of Chinese history and politics.

What I found quite insidious was how the politics of population control is used to strengthen China’s political position and how that directly impacts on women’s lives and rights in so many wide ranging ways.

The campaign of so called Left over women (so awful)
Making it harder for women to enter the work force.
Women needing higher grades to enter universities and need to be more qualified to get the same job as men.

I was firstly shocked at how innocuous their planned protest was and how threatening that was perceived and how unrelenting the state was in their persecution of these women.

message 4: by Angela (new)

Angela | 1 comments Like Miche expressed, I felt that I really didn't truly understand the extent of Chinese history and politics and how it looks in today's modern world. I think I vaguely knew that China was controlling, but I didn't understand the extent and capability to which the government is able to police thought, feeling, and action so completely across millions and millions of people! It seems impossible to keep grains of sand from moving with the tide, but China seems to keep trying to glue each piece of sand in place.

message 5: by Allieblahblah (new)

Allieblahblah | 1 comments This is a brave book, written by a brave woman, and about the many brave women that grace the country of China.

This book shocked me because it opened my eyes to see that I really didn't know much about China. I knew about the cultural revolution under Mao and his policies on so called ‘gender equality’. But this book shed light on the real and underhanded motivations for these policies. It was like this book was lifting the veil that the Chinese government wants foreigners to look through. And that’s a courageous thing to do.

I was astounded by the suffering of these women (the feminist five) at the hands of state authorities, physical and mental. But more than that, I was stupefied by their will, determination and courage in the face of these men, these institutions, this government that would love nothing more than to silence these women forever.

This book successfully used historical analysis to examine why China is where it is regarding women’s rights today. And no sooner had I finished the book than I saw the video evidence of Uyghur people being taken by train for sterilisation.
The Chinese government have hidden their true face for a long time. While we in the west send our manufacturing of essential goods (like PPE) offshore to China, exploiting impoverished workers in the process, the state is creating a culture of censorship, violence against women, and discrimination of women and minorities that goes against everything the ‘West’ hold as their “so called” values.

I don’t know what will happen to the women in this book, and I don’t think the writer does either. It has been a few years since its publication and who knows whether the situation has become better or worse. All we can do is to hope that the women represented in this book keep fighting, because it’s clear that change cannot come from without, only from within.

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