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Who here has been threatened by Gary Kadet?

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David McKinsey Boone Hoggenbeck, Persephone Katz, and Art Shawcross are fraudulent accounts created with the purpose of boosting this book's reviews, based on their responses to anyone who doesn't like this book, for any reason. Once I began posting this link, they turned their attentions directly to me, but prefacing this were still harassing anyone who didn't leave a positive review on Gary Kadet's work.

"They" (being the term here for the singular owner of these accounts) have accused me of harassing anyone who thinks highly of this book, ignoring the fact that I haven't commented on all five star reviews. Just the ones that write like Gary Kadet.

David McKinsey These replies have been included in a restraining order against Gary S. Kadet, along with hundreds of other screenshots illustrating his obsession with me being "out to get" him, the claim that I have been after him as my "nemesis" for years, as well as his repeatedly illustrating his obsession with my gender and sexuality, including his incessant reference to a name that isn't mine, in effort to intimidate and threaten.

He will be served shortly, and add restraining order #2 to his record.

David McKinsey For those interested in the context, please view the following link: https://accrispin.blogspot.com/2020/0...

Gary Kadet is stalking me in attempt to punish me for informing people he's a troll. I am in the process of filing a restraining order due to his posting of personal information that I have not shared with anyone online, therefore proving his obsession with intimidating and threatening me.

I read the provided content of this book. I don't think it's good, therefore, this is an honest review. And Gary S. Kadet will be served shortly.

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