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Seminole County Public Library (seminolecountypubliclibrary) | 119 comments Mod
If given the choice of hardback or paperback, which do you choose? Why?

message 2: by Lily (new)

Lily | 52 comments I prefer paperback, because I can annotate all I want in my paperbacks without feeling like I'm defacing an expensive book. Also, they're more portable and lighter, so if I take the book anywhere with me, it's very easy.

message 3: by Sebastian (new)

Sebastian Hudson | 44 comments Hardback. Hardback books really make books feel like pieces of art you can display as decorations in your household. Not to mention they hold up better than paperback.

message 4: by Lauren (new)

Lauren | 6 comments I prefer hard back books and not paperback just because with paperback they are more likely to bend and creat creases. While with hard back they book will remain in good condition.

message 5: by Bally (new)

Bally Warren | 18 comments I prefer hardback because they’re typically more durable and tend to stat in good condition longer.

Seminole County Public Library (seminolecountypubliclibrary) | 119 comments Mod
I would pick hardback simply because they are strong and beautiful.

But, paperback is cheaper making it more cost-effective. And being much lighter than a hardback makes them easier to carry around.

So many pros and cons!

message 7: by Taylor (new)

Taylor Pitone | 17 comments I prefer paperback because I like to bring books with me when I go to different places and I feel that paperbacks are easier to bring along.

message 8: by Isabella (new)

Isabella Ramunno | 31 comments I prefer hardback because I believe it enhances the experience of reading. Purchasing a hardback, reading the book, and having it on display makes it worth the cost for me personally.

M (taylor’s version) | 11 comments I definitely prefer paperbacks over hardcover because I feel like they’re easier & more convenient to carry around. I can always have them in a bag with me when I’m leaving the house & they’re not as heavy as hardcovers.

message 10: by Aaditya (new)

Aaditya Balasubramaniyan | 12 comments I prefer hardbacks. While paperbacks are usually less expensive than hardbacks, the latter are much more durable and stay around for longer. They are also much more aesthetic than paperbacks.

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