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Seminole County Public Library (seminolecountypubliclibrary) | 119 comments Mod
What do you think about movies and TV shows based on popular books? Which book(s) do you love that you think should be made into a movie?

message 2: by Sebastian (new)

Sebastian Hudson | 44 comments The Rock and the River by Kekla Magoon

message 3: by Giselle (new)

Giselle Bradshaw | 22 comments Some adaptations of books are hit or miss, but I have noticed the more popular a book series is the more likely the fan base is disappointed with the adaptation. One of the only exceptions to this is the Harry Potter film series. I would love for The Selection Series by Kiera Cass to be finally adapted into a movie series.

message 4: by amoonia (new)

amoonia Generally, movie/tv show adaptions of books are a thumbs down, especially from the book community. I think it’s because the book authors have practically no say in the adaption and the movie director and producers have a different vision for the story, characters, and plot.

However, I think that the books Grip, Spy School, and The Red Pyramid could be the outliers in this pattern and do well as movie or tv show adaptions.

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