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message 1: by Adriana (new)

Adriana (adry84) | 2 comments My personal challenge is to read more books than last year. I decided to start with a realistic goal, but of course, I'm open to read much more if I have the oportunity.

My first book since I entered the challenge will be Dr Zhivago and I'm pretty excited to read about it. I'm stilll trying to figure out this GoodReads website so I apologize in advance in case I misuse the platform somehow.

message 2: by Adrienne (new)

Adrienne | 20 comments How can I resist following your discussion since I, too, am an Adrienne and many people call me Adry(Adrie). I anxious to see how you do on your challenge. My goal this year is 50 books and I've already read 30, so I'm on track to exceed my goal. Good luck Adry.

message 3: by Ilona, Global Moderator (new)

Ilona | 4211 comments Hi Adriana, welcome to Goodreads and this group! The welcome message that oshizu sent you will give a nice overview of all activities that this group has to offer and don't hesitate to ask us any question you may have :)
Best of luck with your challenge!

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