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Anne Chida | 1 comments In 2002 my son and I listened to an audio book while on a trip. It was a story about a many searching for his family roots. He went to European country and discovered that he was related to Vampires???? My son and I remember the name of the book as "The Lost," but can not find a book with this plot called "the Lost." I'm not positive of all the details but it was riveting. Any ideas about what book is called?

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Kris | 34469 comments Mod
The Lost by Jonathan Aycliffe seems to match your description.

Description on Worldcat.org = "A British professor travels to Romania to reclaim his family's haunted castle for an orphanage. The trip turns into a hair-raising experience as he meets bureaucracy, backward peasants, a ghost, and a femme fatale with ambitions for a less charitable and more money-making enterprise."

Search = https://www.worldcat.org/advancedsear... > Keyword: "his family" | Title: lost | Year: 1970-2002 ? | Not juvenile | Fiction | Book | English

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