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UNSOLVED: One specific book > romance/adult Met the guy on New Year in New York. The guy saves her from drunk asshole

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Majstor I read this book about a year ago and the cover was shirtless guy.
The h was working late and is walking home on New Year's Eve in New York and is assaulted buy a drunk dude in the crowd and is saved buy H who later tries to kiss her and she runs away but regrets it later.
After a few days she meets up with a girlfriend of a brother who she never met (I think her mother was the other woman) and goes with her to their apartmet where she meets her brother and finds a guy who saved her on New Year who is her brothers best friend.
She is harassed by some guy from her past who keeps showing up at her workplace (lingerie store) and the H decides to show her some self defense and eventually they start sleeping together.

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Kris | 34467 comments Mod
Majstor, what are the couple's jobs?

Is this her older or younger brother - who's the best friend of the hero?

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