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Allona - Rain Check and Read (raincheckandread) | 16 comments This is probably a question I should know the answer too. I was not able to find it in threads - sorry I missed it! Do we vote on any books of the month, such as the ones that are in the 'currently reading' slot of the group page? If so, where? If not, no problem! Just wanting to make sure I'm not missing something!

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MountainKat | 21484 comments Hi, sorry for the delay - just getting caught up on some notifications!

We don't have a 'book of the month' in this group at this time. The books in the currently reading spot are books that have been added to the group's bookshelves and that person is currently reading. They are never my books - I can barely keep up with my own shelves! 😂 I'm grateful to those who do add books to the groups shelves though. 😊

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