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message 1: by Robert (new)

Robert Kratky (bolorkay) | 39 comments Hi,
I'm thinking of reading two authors I've never read before:

Octavia Butler's " Blood Child"
Anne McCaffrey's "Dinosaur Planet" books

I realize these authors are vastly different. Any thoughts as to what I might expect? Opinions?

message 2: by Scott (new)

Scott I enjoyed the Dinosaur Planet books as a teen.

message 3: by Phillip (new)

Phillip Bost | 2 comments I don't have any experience with McCaffrey yet, but have read almost everything Octavia Butler has written, including Blood Child and Other Stories. Can recommend heartily.

message 4: by Lars (new)

Lars (soepstad) | 1 comments Second the Butler recommendation very much. I've been aware of McCaffrey for a long time, but her stuff never really appealed to me.

message 5: by Jennifer (new)

Jennifer | 40 comments both. I haven't read that series by Anne. I might now. I have not read Blood Child, but other novels. I feel like you can't go wrong.

message 6: by Maggie, space cruisin' for a bruisin' (new)

Maggie K | 1282 comments Mod

message 7: by Andrea (new)

Andrea (andrealmt) | 9 comments I was looking to try Butler. I've read *most* of McCaffrey, and imo the Dinosaur Planet books were among her weakest. Pern is more popular; personal favorites are the Crystal Singer books.

message 8: by Scott (new)

Scott The first half-dozen or so Pern books (up to the first prequel, IMO) are great. I did love the first two Crystal Singer books but the third was awful.

message 9: by Leonie (new)

Leonie (leonierogers) | 97 comments I love Pern. I really enjoyed the first two Crystal Singer books as well, but also struggled with the third one.

The Ship Who Sang, however, remains a favourite.

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