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William Land (williamland) | 1235 comments Mod
Chapter 14: Judy’s Riddle

When Roberta woke up the next morning, she lighted up like a lamp when she saw Judy & Peter. She wondered where she was though. She was in a room with a thick white rug on the floor and a canopy over the bed like she was a princess. Sunlight streamed in from the big windows that went halfway around the circular room. “I must be in a palace,” she said at last. Roberta said that the last she remembered she was in the doctor’s office and he was putting medicine on her head. Judy told her that it was Dr Falkner. Roberta says she remembers him because he took her to Aunt Alma’s and she didn’t know Aunt Alma wasn’t there until after the car had gone. Judy tells her that he feels very bad about that. And she asks how her head feels. Roberta laughs and says “Why I’ve forgotten where the bump was. But it wasn’t Dr Falkner’s fault, Judy. Aunt Alma was to blame for it. I don’t have to go back to her, do I?“ Judy didn’t have to answer as Jane came in to say breakfast is almost ready. “ Welcome to Tower House, Roberta.” Jane tells her that she is in the guest room after Roberta guesses that she must be in the tower. The nursery is below her room. Jane asks if she would like to see the babies. “The babies? Are there babies, here? This house has everything!” Roberta asks what she will wear and asks Judy if she brought the suitcase. Jane has already opened it and pressed everything. Roberta doesn’t quite understand the living arrangement there. There is a little review of how Irene met Jane the day their babies were born and how Jane & her baby moved in with Irene & Dale and that Jane is the babies nurse. Roberta doesn’t want Judy to go downstairs without her, but Judy says she need to talk to Irene and Jane will take Roberta to the nursery.

Irene & Judy go to make the toast, Jane has made everything else. Judy tells Irene that they loved her singing of Sweet Mystery of Life “And can life be mysterious!” “You are always finding it so, aren’t you Judy? I guess this little girl you brought in is your latest mystery. Dale and I are both rather curious about her.” “She is curious about you too. I told her who you were just before the wedding when I-when I was about to open your present. She was terribly excited about it.” Irene seemed pleased. “Oh, then you did receive it? I thought, the way you spoke over the phone, it sounded like something happened to it.” “Something did.” Judy didn’t answer right away and Irene asked “Well what? Aren’t you going to tell me?” Judy explained that Roberta was so insistent that Judy let her open it herself. Roberta was sure it was a radio. Later Roberta went to get flowers and something exploded while she was up there. She told Irene that Peter went after Roberta and how frightened Judy was when she heard the explosion. She explains that they thought the explosion was in the quarry but now they aren’t sure. Judy told Irene that they still heard her radio program and they thought it was sweeter because she & Peter were alone when they heard it. “Our whole wedding day was beautiful, Irene” “I am glad to hear that. I am sorry about the radio though. I should think Roberta--” “Don’t blame her please!” Judy interrupted. “She’d heard things at home and was afraid something was going to happen to me. I don’t understand it at all. We know so little about Roberta. We didn’t even know her name until Dr Falkner questioned her. She told him it was Roberta Dunn. Apparently Mrs Griggs isn’t her aunt at all, just someone she boards with.” Judy tells Irene that Roberta’s mother is dead and her father is living but she hasn’ t heard from him in months. He’s captain of a small merchant ship. Peter is going to try to find him through Navy Intelligence., unless they find the Griggs first. They aren’t sure if Roberta is fond of her father or not. “She is fond of you, Judy. She adores you. Did you see the worshipful way she looked at you when you left her bedroom this morning? Her eyes followed you as if she couldn’t bear to let you out of her sight.” Roberta and the others came into the room just then, Judy tells her she had roses in her cheeks and looks much better. Roberta asks if she was awfully pale when they found her. She didn’t want to scare Judy. “I want you to be happy.” Roberta said. “She’s happy. I am taking care of that,” Peter announced. Jane brought in coffee and Peter & Dale put the chairs around. Irene says that she should never have so many people waiting on her and she feels positively useless. Judy says that she could stand some spoiling after how hard she used to work. Suddenly Roberta said “You think Mrs Meredith is your friend, don’t you?” “I know she is my friend. She is one of the dearest friends I have.” “Is Mr Meredith your friend too?” Judy looked at Dale and smiled “Roberta want s to know if you are my friend, Dale. She seems to doubt it. You haven’t been murdering me in any of your detective stories lately, have you?” Dale laughed but it startled Roberta. She jumped up and spilled her orange juice. “Judy, Judy, do we have to stay here?” Judy tried to comfort her, but couldn’t stop her sobs. Finally Irene suggested a guessing game and Roberta joined in the fun. It took awhile to guess what Judy was thinking of and it was Roberta. Judy explained her reasoning and said “Roberta is the answer to my riddle.” “She could be at that,” Peter said half to himself.

William Land (williamland) | 1235 comments Mod
Roberta is frightened of Dale and this is understandable. She had a very strong impression that he meant to harm Judy and it was his wedding gift package which contained a bomb.

Judy and the others try to make Roberta comfortable with Dale by suggesting a guessing game. How clever of Judy to make Roberta the answer to her riddle.

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