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message 1: by Hockey Mama (last edited May 28, 2020 12:56AM) (new)

Hockey Mama | 53 comments Make sure your hide spoilers!

Spoiler spoiler: (view spoiler)

Type Spoiler < between these two symbols >
Then add your text after the > here.....
Then close the spoiler between the the symbols < >
With a forward slash before the /spoiler With /spoiler between the < and >

message 2: by Hockey Mama (new)

Hockey Mama | 53 comments (insert cheesy smile) lol

message 3: by Bree, High Sorceress Amazingly Enough (new)

Bree Adams | 16 comments Mod
Awesome advice! Thanks 😊

message 4: by Hockey Mama (new)

Hockey Mama | 53 comments I hope that made sense. LOL

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