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A Bend in the Stars
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forsanolim | 468 comments This is a fast-paced historical drama set in Russia at the outbreak of World War I. Miri Abramov is the first female doctor in her town; her brother, Vanya, is a talented physicist researching relativity, and his research and corresponding status as a "useful" member of the Jewish community affords their family a fragile stability on the eve of the war. But as the war steadily approaches, tensions and stakes rise, and in an attempt to fulfill the loftiest of his scientific aims, Vanya disappears at the war's beginning along with Miri's fiancé. Miri's attempt to locate them sets off a tale of science and history that unfolds across the dramatic landscape of imperial Russia.

This was remarkably well-researched, and Russia truly seemed to come alive in this book. It's quite plot-driven, and it's a very compelling story to read. I will say that, for me, my enjoyment of the book increased in the second half of the book. Through the first half, I was fairly lukewarm about the book, but the story was much more enjoyable for me in the second half. This might be due, at least in part, to the fact that my favorite character in the book was Miri without a doubt, and the second half of the book saw more focus on her.

Book Concierge (tessabookconcierge) | 5793 comments Glad to hear that the second half picks up. I started the audio a week ago and set it aside as it just wasn't capturing my attention. But I'll pick it up again.

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