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Lila run out onto the Beach and sits down.

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Charlie goes to join her.

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"Charlie Where do you think Lady Artemis is?"

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"And what do you know about June?"

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"I don't know sometimes she's here with us sometimes she's not but whenever its dark just know that shes up there"

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"Hmmm Strange"

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ill be back in 30

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(Ah okay)

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"I mean like its been a while since a quest you know so im getting bored"

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Lila says

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"I mean you guys are like big sisters to me so yeah"

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"Have you seen Ember"?

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(here now)

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"Hi Ember"

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Ember walks onto the beach, sheathing her knives. "Good fight," she tells Penny with a quick smile.

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"Yeah I just let you win"

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Penny smirks and says "You know how your mom somtimes visits you"?

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"You did not, I won that fair," Ember snorts, but she lets it slide.

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"No, I'm a former nymph so my parents don't know me and I don't know them."

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"I wish Demeter would make time for me." "The only time she showed she knows me is when I got claimed and that was when I was 10 like 4 years ago". "I just want someone to notice me once in a while". Penny bitterly says she chokes back tears

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"How do you deal with stress." Penny says as tears plop down her face

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"I liked it when mom was here she stayed until I turned 4 then I never saw her again". "I really miss her and my dad". Penny begains sobbing

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"You are like the only person who is nice to me here even Lila hates me. She does not hate anyone but me!

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"My dad blames me for mom dissapearing so he hates me!" "Thats why I joined the Hunters I had no other place to go." Penny sobs

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are you there?

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"I doubt that," Ember said, putting an arm around Penny. "I'm sure Demeter and the others care about you. Besides, the Hunters are your family now."

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"Well tell that to Lila". she mutters

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(gtg now, bbl)

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"She acts like i'm a slab of Meat!!!!" Penny Cringes

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"Artemis accepted me but I feel broken I wish Lila would listen to me." Penny says coldly she sunngles up to Ember "Your like a sister to me Jasie Marcy and Kate never accpeted me they threw stuff at me and....." Penny's fell asleep

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"IM AWAKE!" Penny yells her eyes were getting droopy every secound

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she falls asleep on the beach

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Ember leaves

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(back for like 5 seconds)

Ember got up and picked Penny up. She used a bit of Mist to support her to make it easier to carry her, and carried her back to camp.

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(ok gtg again)

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Lila jumps in the water and goes deeper into it

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Harper jumps in the cold water

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"NO. That's not how you do it! Watch me!" Del screams and canonballs into the water

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