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The inside of the maze.

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Newt ran in with Hunter

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Hunter raced along lookin aroun till he almost tripped. then he just followed newt

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Newt ran for a while, till looking at Hunter

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"so what next o wise master." he gasps

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He sighed. "I will throw you in the slammer if you keep acting this way."

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he snickerd. "Inkay boss. what we doin out here."

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"Show you something Tommy found early." He said

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he nodded an ran on

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He ran to the Greaver hole

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Gwyneth Bare (gwenirelandb) Mallory runs into The Maze with Thomas

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Thomas stayee side by side with her. "Three rules greenie. Don't wander off. Don't climb the walls, and don't get eaten."

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Gwyneth Bare (gwenirelandb) She nods, "Got it." she looks around, "This place is terrifyingly incredible." she says, picking up her pace.

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Thomas laughed. "Yes it is."

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Gwyneth Bare (gwenirelandb) "So what do we do?" she asks

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"Your the one who wanted to come out here." He said

message 17: by Gwyneth (new)

Gwyneth Bare (gwenirelandb) She smiles at him, "I guess your right." she abruptly makes a turn that has a path going deeper into the Maze.

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He grabbed her away from that turn. "Dead end that way."

message 19: by Gwyneth (new)

Gwyneth Bare (gwenirelandb) She looked at his hand that was grabbing her arm, then looked at him, "Did you memorize this whole place?" she asks, taking a different turn instead.

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He let his hand fall back down to his side. "Ya."

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Gwyneth Bare (gwenirelandb) She shakes her head in aw, "Thats awesome. I swear, every time i see you, you get better." she says, speeding up to take another turn

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He laughed and blushed a little. "Thanks."

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Gwyneth Bare (gwenirelandb) She smiles, "No problem." she looks around. She suddenly hears a clicking noise, like something was moving.

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Thomas took another turn to the right

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Gwyneth Bare (gwenirelandb) "What's that noise…?" She asks cautiously, and followed him.

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"Grievers probably." Thomas said

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Gwyneth Bare (gwenirelandb) "Oh." she says, looking behind her. She stops, and for some reason she wanted to go find out what the Grievers were doing. She knew it was stupid, but something inside her was telling her to go.

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"There inside the walls. Ready to let out for the night." Thomas said

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Gwyneth Bare (gwenirelandb) She looks at him, "Can they get us…?" she asks, and continues to run beside him.

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"No. Not during the day." He said

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Gwyneth Bare (gwenirelandb) "Oh, ok." she breaths a sigh of relief. Even though the Grievers aren't out, she moves closer to Thomas.

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"You'll be fine." He said smiling

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Gwyneth Bare (gwenirelandb) "Yeah i know…It's just kinda weird." she says, staying beside him.

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He held her hand while he ran

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Gwyneth Bare (gwenirelandb) She kept running, not pulling her hand away. "So what can i do to become a runner?" she asks suddenly

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"Need to train a lot." He said


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Gwyneth Bare (gwenirelandb) "I want to be one." she says, knowing that for some reason, it was the perfect job for her.


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Gwyneth Bare (gwenirelandb) But she shakes her head, "I don't think anyone here wants me to be one. Nobody thinks im cut for the job." She looks up at the sky

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"I do." He says, giving her hand a squeeze.

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Gwyneth Bare (gwenirelandb) She smiles greatfully, "Thanks. You and nobody else though." she laughs, "Who's the leader around here anyway?" she asks

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"Well, I'm the leader of the runners and....Gally is the leader of the glade." Thomas said. He obviously didn't like Gally.

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Gwyneth Bare (gwenirelandb) "Whats so bad about Gally?" She asks

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Thomas sighed. "He's terrible...."

message 44: by Gwyneth (new)

Gwyneth Bare (gwenirelandb) "Oh..." she says, "Well, if you don't like him then I'm not gonna like him either."

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He laughed and took another turn

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Gwyneth Bare (gwenirelandb) She turns with him, and then spots something on one of the walls. She runs over to it, it's a metal plate that has the letters W.I.C.K.E.D on it.

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Thomas stopped next to her. "Those things are everywhere."


message 48: by Gwyneth (new)

Gwyneth Bare (gwenirelandb) "What do they mean?" she asks, fingering the letters.

((k bye))

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"Don't really know." He said

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Gwyneth Bare (gwenirelandb) "Oh." she says, "I don't know what it is, but it gives me a feeling that it's not good." she frowns

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