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Miss Tosh | 1 comments Could be published from 1980 to 2010, but guessing late 90’s?
Young male crashes a car he is driving drunk and injures his two passengers ( or kills one?) who are his two best friends.
Older sister is estranged from brother and doesn’t like him but when brother is seriously injured from crash and has amnesia, she goes to where he lives and takes care of him.
The two do not get along, he is loud and angry, she is a seether.
Lots of background info goes on about the relationships between brother, sister, and the two crash passengers.—who threaten the driver with violence because of the crash.
Turns out the passengers are angry and threatening to their erstwhile friend the driver because they don’t want him to remember what really happened that night, and who was really driving, and why, and after all is revealed there’s still no happily ever after— everything isn’t nearly tied up in a bow, relationships aren’t miraculously healed, and it was so Real I loved it.
—Yeah, sounds like kind of a trite take, but the WRITING is tremendous, unforgettable.
No idea of author or title.

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Kris | 33290 comments Mod
Deleted duplicate thread. One thread per request, please.

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